25 Feb 2013

The Sermon on the Mount

Submitted by theshovel
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Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount — do you love it or do you despise it? Or maybe you used to like it until it’s high expectations dragged you down into self-loathing and despair. Hang onto your hats because we’re going to discuss this well known scripture as you’ve never seen it before!

ShovelAudio: Sermon on the Mount

(Audio Series: Men of Grace or Men of Law: The Sermon on the Mount)

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Sidebar: Blessings in both OT & NT


I Loved it! It is pure joy to fellowship in the truth with you both. I also chuckled when Adam started on “This Little Light of Mine” ha ha! Love you both! Mary

I once had a discussion with a brother in Christ on this very topic, and it really drove to the heart of our understanding of how we live our lives in Christ. This really is a fantastic illustration of how people understand their lives and how they go about putting their Christianity to practice. My friend had come to the conclusion that these were indeed commands for us to obey. He had determined that we were to work and strive and discipline our flesh to meet these requirements, and to the degree that we fall short then we should work all the harder to improve ourselves so that we could please God in our service to Him. I had come to the conclusion that these were not commands for us to obey, but rather proof of how trying to live by the law is completely futile. Afterall, how can we work and strive and discipline ourselves to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect? Rather, Jesus Christ who dwells within us has already achieved these things. He is perfect and He has already secured our righteousness by His work. We are not found acceptable or pleasing in our own efforts to discipline the flesh in obedience to the command to be perfect. We are found perfect in Him! I look forward to listening to the next audio message as you continue to explore these truths. In HIM, Bryan

Thanks for your comment Bryan!



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Hello Bryan!

At one time, the idea of putting my Christianity into practice sounded reasonable. All I can hear now is a religious attempt to make God happen in your life. And you are so right, people gravitate to this scripture passage in order to determine how much more they need to do to improve themselves. Thanks so much for jumping in with your insightful reply! :)


'.. the idea of putting my Christianity into practice' 

Wow, excellent


A fantastic paragraph that rings out "Freedom" !! Thank you for sharing

BTW, the "Heaven and Earth" post is a great read before/after one listens to the Sermon on the Mount audio.

For sure it is!

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