2 Apr 2011

Self Love

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What is this idea of loving oneself? Is it even biblical? Jim and Adam tackle some of the common fleshly misconceptions floating out there in the mind of man regarding ‘self love’.

ShovelAudio: Self Love

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Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I’m loving these audios. I’ve been reading you through the years and it’s good to hear your voices now as well. Some church outreach programs, such as you’ve mentioned, have been a personal angst of mine in recent years. Talk about “having a form of godliness” but denying the power thereof… The most recent church I’ve involved in is big on them. Actually, most churches I’ve been to seem to have some “thing” they hope you’ll get into with them at some point…some agenda - sometimes subtle, sometimes not. It used to be mostly ‘soul-winning’ and ‘church-planting’, ‘discipling’, etc. Now the emphasis seems to be on church programs to ‘help the poor’, ‘reach in inner city by ministering to their material needs’, and other ‘social justice’ causes. I think it’s the same monster in different skin. They guilt you into this stuff - or leave you feeling flaky, selfish and, dare I say, ungodly when you’re not seen involved. Worst of all, if you’re not doing these things, you’re never gonna get the cute Christian girls! Anyway, I find it outrageous to bind God’s people to such misinterpreted mandates. I believe God is our righteousness. That He’s made us new and lives within us means we have REAL love and real love will produce real ‘good works’ in often unexpected, unconventional ways. It might not even impress the chicks. One doesn’t need to be ‘for social justice’ or ‘on fire for Christ’ or anything else. Okay, I think I’m done now. Thanks for listening to my rant :)


Hey there Mickey, Glad you are enjoying the Shovel Audio! Indeed, you have sensed this outward shell of a goodness proclaimed in the world that is only death disguised as life. We find ourselves sometimes doing the same TYPES of things in this world only, from a heart that is real and true.[not as some sort of justification or empty motive]Even then I have found that we will be judged harshly for not playing by the the ‘rules’. Ironic in that through Christ, we actually DO love. The world can not. We sometimes can be lead down an empty path or two but, we know, we know. Yeah, he he he I also know about the ‘Christian chicks’ thing you put out there too[i remember this being the case way back when]. For it makes so much sense to the flesh to be engaged in outward measurable stuff, especially when all that defines you is…outward appearances both bodily and in deeds. Thanks for commenting Mickey! Adam
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Mikey, I also thank you for you encouraging comments. I was even surprised you found this section, since I hadn't actually made it easy to get to yet. LOL!! But I'm glad you made your way here. Before the weekend is up, I'll try to set the section up.

Jim :)

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