19 Mar 2011

Sanctification and Prayer

Submitted by theshovel
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This is, I think, the second audio recording Adam and I made. Admittedly, the quality of the audio file is pretty bad. Neither of us were using a decent mic at the time, and it shows through loud and clear. For example, you’ll hear me breathing in numerous places, as the headset mic was lined up right under my nose. I was able to lessen many of the noises by better mic placement. I also found an app by which to record in stereo through Skype. This allowed total isolation between our voices, and I was able to mute any unwanted sounds and interruptions due to ambient noise. And thanks to a generous donation, both Adam and I purchased decent quality microphones designed specifically for USB connection (Audio-Technica, AT2020-USB). You’ll be able to tell where first the quality of my audio, and then later, Adam’s, improves significantly. :)

However, should you decide to listen, this audio covers the common misconceptions regarding the sanctification process described in Thessalonians. We also cover some of the various fleshly ideas on prayer and praying as described throughout the New Testament. We both believe this could be of interest to you.

ShovelAudio: Sanctification and Prayer

ShovelAudio Download Link

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