12 Aug 2013

Regarding Choice, Growing in Grace

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For many Christians, growing in grace is a Biblical principle describing the gradual removal of sin by having it slowly pushed out through various godly actions. I was taught to view myself as a bucket filled with mud, and it was up to me to let the water of God’s word (the Bible) flush that filth out of me. Can you hear how such a teaching denies the truth that Christ has already done away with sin?

ShovelAudio: Regarding Choice: Growing in Grace

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We are not the mud!



Again, such a good audio!! The discussion on morality, and what it really is to grow in grace were so excellent. For me, what exploded into such a clear reality was your comments on "putting off". Jim said: Paul used language like that because it pictured something that didn't belong on them. Wow, it just overwhelmed me with how beautifully simple and real our identity in Him is. And then, your example of Lazarus being raised from the dead and Jesus saying take the grave clothes off of him. Perfect example of you all and I.

Well here I am all bubbling with excitement again. Thanks Jim and Adam

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Julie, you sure know how to encourage a heart with your responses! Thank you.


I've been thinking of this passage a few times since the first audio on, "Regarding Choice".

HELLO!...And I say this because of the incredible, collective, and complete TRUTH that has become ours in Christ!!

John 8:44
"You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

We aren't even of the lineage of the flesh anymore! We have been made NEW, into a NEW CREATION, 'Born from above', with the new identity! We are speaking from the reality of being the "SONS OF GOD". We carry out our Father's desires and they are GOOD! Of course, we speak of the New and TO the New because that is what we ARE! That's why we are so encouraged by it!:) This double-mindedness (of religion) has 'it's' source in the realm of the flesh and doesn't provide any more 'sin' solution than it ever did in the O.C.

I had to chuckle when Adam talked about Lazarus. The man was DEAD! Taking off the bandages was FREEDOM from the YUCK that was weighing him down. I can only imagine him jumping up and down in lightness, and refreshment!

Thank the Father for a COMPLETE salvation. I thank him for the 'foolishness' that is so much higher than the 'wisdom of man'!

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Wonderful to read this, Mary! It is exciting to realize how we really have been raised from the dead, isn’t it? :)


Mary, that one line says it so beautifully. "We aren't even of the lineage of the flesh anymore!!!!" And then all else you said, just enhanced the truth of our identity, (which I can never hear enough of,). and it left my heart so excited.

Thanks dear Mary............ Julie

Man, it is good to hear that Mary!



Jim & Adam,

Best audio for me yet!!!

Talk about practical, down to earth, where we live truth! I love you guys!! This is what we as Christians need to hear! Satan hates this and this is what does damage to his influence in us as believers in Jesus Christ.

My heart was blessed and my spirit was agreeing with you and the Father in you through Jesus and His ministering through you to us. This is the "Good News" of Jesus. Praise God it is a total gift and completed in Him for us just to enjoy!!! Wow!! Do not sweat it, never worry, Jesus says, I've got it all covered. Just enjoy who you have become because of Me!! "It is finished". Wow what JOY, what PEACE, what REST!! We can say to the flesh:Is that all you got? Is that your best shot? Compared to Jesus who is EVERYTHING and has made us one with Him. Our spirit is completely melded into His and we are now one together forever!! That is shouting ground!
Martin Luther said, "nothing you do helps you spiritually, only faith will help."

Mike Quarles says, "We are set free not by how we behave, but by what we believe. Bondage is the result of believing lies. Freedom is the result of believing truth. Truth is what God says regardless of your feelings. Only one thing keeps you in bondage-believing lies. Only one thing sets you free-believing the truth and walking by faith.

Jesus said, 'Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.'"
That is what you share in this audio, THE TRUTH!! That is what changes us!!

Charlie "Tremendous" Jones used to say, "It is not what you read and memorize that changes you but what you think and realize that changes you. You don't have to work at changing because when you realize something then you are changed already." Wow, doesn't that go against what we have heard all our life. So when we realize that Christ has already changed us we can now enter into the reality of that because we are operating in the truth and the reality of who we have already become.
Bless you both for continuing to make these audios. Lord willing tonight at our gathering of believers we will be playing the first 32 minutes of this audio and sharing with one another what Christ has revealed to us through your sharing.
I thank God for you both,


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My brother Dan, I am so encouraged to read these words, especially as I’ve been so involved in the background work of website maintenance and wondering if most of my “visitors” are probably spam-bots or hackers trying to get in. I am so excited to know that our discussions have such real-life and down-to-earth meaning to you. :)


Thanks so much Dan!



Dan, I hope you can share with us how those who attended took the audio.[if indeed it turns out you were able to share]


I just rejoice with you that these things have so ministered to you.


For the most part everyone loved it.
There was one who had a challenge with it because they still felt it was their responsibility to keep the flesh in line in others as well as themselves. Others that they know, mainly full time ministers, had been involved in sin and were excusing it because of their stance on God leading them to do what they did or that they were perfect in Christ and could do whatever they wanted. As Steve McVey would say that is not grace but disgrace.

When we see others abusing their pagan positions we may think it is up to us to straighten them out or cause them to change and yet it is only God that can truly change anyone. We are not the 'Body of Christ' police. God does not force us to obey and we don't need to feel that we are more responsible than God. As Jesus said, "let the dead bury the dead". Christ is about life!

Again, one of the great barriers to entering into Christ's life is the constant focus we place on behavior instead of on our identity in Christ based on what He did in us and who we have become in Him. When we know our identity then our behavior will automatically be changing to match who we really are.

The world system has it backwards, they focus on behavior and think that it changes their identity. Jesus told those who had the best religious behavior that they were of their father the devil who was a murderer and a liar from the beginning. They were white washed sepulchres filled with dead men's bones. Pretty on the outside but full of stench and death. An appearance of righteousness but not a reflection of who they really were.

This is a description of all unsaved good doers. Jesus said only the spirit of a man knows the man. Our true identity is directly tied to our spirit. Our soul can be fooled into believing lies but it is our spirit that determines who we really are.

This Friday night as God wills we are going to listen to Help Me Help You audio! This is another great message for a better understanding of Christ's work in us.


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Behavior, good or bad, is defined by the one doing the judging, isn’t it? Behavior that’s in line with the truth of the gospel will still be judged according to the eyes of the scrutinizers … just as it was with Jesus himself.

I am so encouraged that our audios are reaching the ears of those in your group! Wow, thanks for sharing this, my brother.


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