5 Aug 2013

Regarding Choice

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What place does choice hold for those who are alive in Christ? Some say that our spiritual growth depends upon the consistency of our choosing good over evil, while others claim that God does the choosing for them. Yeah, this is the same basic argument over human responsibility versus God’s sovereignty where those who cling to God’s grace are considered irresponsible slackers. However, what if the real issue in the matter has less to do with choice than it does with the premise upon which choice is either glorified or vilified? Join Adam and Jim as they dig a little deeper regarding choice.

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This was SO SO refreshing!! Not only are we refreshed in our NEW understanding that true Life is lived from the INSIDE (where the power of the Life of Christ is expressed)/OUT, but also, Jim, I was confused for YEARS with what the difference between the realms of Good and Evil and where I, now in Christ, relate to all of that. I LOVED your comment, "Choices for GOOD, choices for GOOD." That was excellent insight for me!! :)

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Mary, I am so glad to hear that this was refreshing! Refreshing is a great word, and an even greater reality to be overwhelmed with!

Jim :)

Ok, Jim you were right, I think that the problem I have been having with that error message has to do with the smileys.  I just sent a message with one in it and got the error message and lost what I had written, so no more smileys.

Anyway, I just finished listening to the new audio about choices and it blew me away.  So much powerful truth in what you were both saying.  It ties in with just what had happened to me in that class at church.  The verses in Titus speak to it exactly.  When the pure one speaks truth, the defiled ones cannot see it because they judge everything according to their defiled and deceived heart and thus the pure one becomes the defiled one in their eyes.   I also liked the reiteration that sin is no longer an issue for us and that our choices are not between good and bad, but good and good and good…that is hard to get one's head around.  I am going to listen again, probably more than once, and find out what else Father wants me to hear.

Thanks for faithfully bringing these audios to us and sharing the insight Father gives to you both with all of us, I understand that sometimes it is hard for you, but I for one appreciate it and look forward to each one.  Love you guys!!

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Charlotte, it is our privilege to speak words of life for you to hear. Thanks for supporting us.

Love, Jim

I heard the audio the first time but with distractions around the home I know I missed some points so I'll listen again like Char. Char, thank you for such a clear explanation in your second paragraph about the pure and the defiled. Your comments give me a heads-up when I hear the audio again. Jim and Adam, Thank you again for sharing. Great word! -nergo

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Nergo, thanks for the encouragement. I’ll be waiting to hear back after you’ve listened again. :) But don’t feel pressured. LOL


Love you too Char!



After months of accusations from environMENTALISTs this was refreshing.

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Georgi, it makes my day to hear this from you! :)


This audio screams out FREEDOM for the 'real you' in the believer. What a wonderful word. Ha! ... As I was listening to the audio at times I had this video-clip going off in my head as I watched Jim and Adam turn over tables. :) - nergo

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I love the energy you put into your review! Thanks so much, nergo.


Excellent Nergo!



First of all this audio is so powerfully excellent, I have spent time since then pondering its contents, and I echo all the comments made by the others who were blessed by it. Secondly the printed notes are profitable for me, and I thank you for the link provided to the article, "the argument", as it is equally as powerful. My comments are pertaining to the link. (If you haven't already guys, check it out)

I often say that Father, so much of the time, reveals to me by contrast. This includes the contrast of who I was, and who I am now, which doesn't threaten me, but has me see reality clearer. It is always freedom for me to consider "the source" of actions. And even when I see the part I played, or am playing, the encouragement is also there saying that God was working within it...... with nothing but love for me then and now.

THE VOID: Out of which came the question, "who am I", Am I a good person or a bad person, worthy or worthless, significant or insignificant?
Questions are so good, when we are are brought to hear them without fear.

TRUTH: Ahh yes fear lurks behind so much of what is going on, the law sneaks in, and we minister law instead of Life. The issue becomes "my need to be right". But Jesus took away the cause of our fears. He is the truth, and He has set us free.

How good it is to be set free by truth Himself bringing us to realize it.....
......... Julie

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Julie, I love responses that give insight into how a listener has been stimulated by what has been shared. Thank you for this, my precious sister.

Jim :)

“I often say that Father, so much of the time, reveals to me by contrast.” - Julie

When I think about this, I'd even venture to say that I've learned nothing but by contrast. In contrast of suffering, of weakness, of an evil mind, of fleshly people and the everyday experience of this futile body. In view of what I am not I've learned what I am, what is worth it, and what is powerful. In view of the disobedient mind I've learned my own incessant obedience so that I can become aware that I am incapable of choosing disobedience. 


Thanks to both Julie and Georgi for your awesome feedback.





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