6 Jul 2011

The Joining of Two, Plus One: Raising Children

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In this week’s Shovel Audio program, Jim and Adam discuss the various fleshly ideas surrounding raising kids ‘under grace’. We will base our discussion on Ephesians 6:1-4, Paul’s letter to those in Ephesus. What exactly does it mean to raise our kids in the ‘instruction of the Lord”? If we do will they turn out perfect then? Questions like these will fill this weeks audio entitled: “The Joining Of Two Plus One!”

ShovelAudio: The Joining of Two, Plus One: Raising Children

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Jim, This was so GOOOD!!! I wish I would have known more of this when my children were a little younger! However,it is never too late to learn more and have a better understanding. We went from a very legalistic lifestyle to the exact opposite and recently we have gone back to setting stricter guidelines etc. Listening to your audio has confirmed that we are headed in the right direction. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and I couldn’t agree more!! Charlie “Tremendous” Jones used to say that you have kids not for you to raise but for them to raise you. They drive us to our Christ and I’ve realized that my kid’s sins cause me more pain & sorrow than my own and then I see my need for Christ in my own life! One in Christ, Dan Markley
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Yeah, I wish I would have known more of this when my children were younger, too! LOL. But as you attest to, it was through the experiences of raising them that I came to understand this grace more.


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