4 Jun 2012

The Poltergeist of the World (Looking for security)

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Adam and Jim follow up on last week’s audio regarding how Christians so easily view God as if He was the mischief maker of the world, causing all the trouble in our lives in an attempt to teach us a lesson for every misstep we make. What if such a viewpoint only causes us to focus upon ourselves rather than upon Christ? Yeah, I think you know what we mean.

ShovelAudio: The Poltergeist of the World (Looking for Security)

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“I’m not gonna spill the coffee, I AM NOT going to spill the coffee”-I love it!

Hey thanks guys You two remind me of a couple wild cooks in the kitchen serving up hot and good food for those of us in the kingdom. Dave

Hi Dave! Thanks for the post! We both enjoy seeing what kind of food comes out of the kitchen! Adam
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Wild cooks, is it?! LOL! I take it as a high compliment, my friend. Thanks. :)


“I would rather speak LIFE,” than to be ‘right’. I love that! And hearing you two laugh, always produces a grin and warms the heart.:)


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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