29 May 2012

The Poltergeist of the World

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We have returned with another new Shovel Audio! This week we’re interrupting our Hebrews series to present The Poltergeist of the World. Yes, how often have we assumed, along with the world, that God acts more like a fickle spirit who visits pranks upon us than like the loving father we are coming to understand? Join us, and consider along with us that we may have simply listened to long and hard to the insanity of the world.

ShovelAudio: The Poltergeist of the World

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Jim thanks so much for doing this with me my brother. I so enjoy doing this with you.

Glad to see you guys back. I kept thinking about the parable of the sower and that all things come for the words sake. That we are put in this strange place and Gods word Christ comes to all and for various reasons takes root or not and it is this word that is being tested and do we really believe it is Christ in us or not.That in the end the way we win is by giving up. It is no longer me but Christ is now my life. As always Christ is the answer to the question and even trying to explain that is a no win deal because so many think they know what that means. I am not even going to try to make it clear because you two really have done that for any who are really listening with their heart and not their head. Any way thanks guys from a brother who not many would call a winner in the eyes of the world. Thank God we are no longer running a race with the world through Christ we have been set free and both of you continue to make this clear to all with ears to hear.

I most certainly receive this encouragement my strong brother. Thank you! Adam
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I also appreciate your encouraging words and heart toward us in this endeavor! My best to you, my dear brother.

Thank you for sharing David … I hear you brother. Listening to these audios I am more blessed from what I am hearing as a result of and after I complete an audio than when I intially hear one. They resonate with the life of Christ. Thank you Jim and Adam for sharing your heart! Nergo

I was so, so encouraged by this! In the last 2 weeks I’d had the passage from 1 Peter come to me over and again. I was going to post a question about it on the Shack, but as I listened, there you are talking about it, and so it confirmed what the Spirit was bringing to my heart. It was such a boost to my heart. Thanks so much, Jim, it resonated with such truth and Life for me!:)


"Christ in You, the Hope"

Wow, did I miss you two while you took a break. I kept hoping you were coming back. Now this week has just been something awesome. You have hit on so many important areas of consideration. Being born in death and in that deception called it life. But when it pleased God to place HIS SON IN ME (as I can say with the Apostle Paul)I now see and live the miraculous. Thank you guys for continuing to express the miraculous so well. I have known HIM the LIFE for some years but I kept trying to deny the revelaton and experience. I lived the illusion and was a people pleaser I guess because I can’t please my so-called friends now even if I try. I am so thankful today to be weird, otherwise, I would still be dead, living the lie in illusion. Again thank you for being willing to live the Life He is in You. Vivi

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