1 Dec 2012

Pictures of Sin

Submitted by theshovel
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How we as Christians picture sin is often related to our imaginations of the face of Jesus. Does your motivation to stop or at least curb your sinning involve the face of an angry Jesus, a morbid Jesus, a humble Jesus, or perhaps an eye-rolling Jesus? What if all we’ve done with these expressions is to motivate ourselves according to a fleshly version of Jesus rather than who he truly is?

ShovelAudio: Pictures of Sin

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While recording, Adam and I will often discuss various related things that I remove when editing the raw audio file. Most of these clips are just too short or don’t provide enough context to make sense to anyone else but Adam and myself. But every so often, we accidentally come up with something worth offering as a separate mp3 file, and that’s what you’ll find in this section.

Sidebar: The Law came in (preliminary discussion)

Download: The Law Came In

Sidebar: Let…

Download: Let


This seems like good insight. I have thought of my own image of God as reality. Maybe, at this point, it's closer to the truth that God is known rather than imagined.


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...known rather than imagined! Yes.  :)


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