21 Aug 2012

Obedience, Part 7

Submitted by theshovel
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Somehow, believers have been deceived into tripping all over the details of the religious mind so that they have difficulty recognizing the most profound simplicity of what it is to have been made freed from sin in Christ, as well as having been enslaved to God. And do not let the fact slip your consideration that our having been made obedient is just as certain as our having been made free from sin and made alive to God.

ShovelAudio: Obedience, Part 7

(Audio Series: Obedience)

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What an audio!

I must admit this is the one clip I listened to the entire way through. Riveting. - Justin

I remember years ago when these truths were revealed to me. It was like my spirit took a joyous leap, from being burdened down to lightness in my being. I don’t think we ever progress too far in what we know now to hear these revealed truths over and over. it’s like listening or talking about some heartwarming story of your childhood that renews and uplifts your heart again! Thanks again beloved brothers! Mary

Good stuff guys.

Technical Heads-Up - The "Click to display or collapse notes" on the audio files is not hooked-up like it was last week. (I love those notes.)

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Thanks for the heads-up, Nerg0. It helps a lot when you let me know of stuff like this … especially when you find it right away so I have and idea what might have caused it. I found the problem. There is a conflict with another module I was experimenting with earlier today, so I disabled it. And Voila! :)


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