9 Jul 2012

Obedience, Part 4

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We get too easily intimidated by those who seem to know what they’re talking about. Why else do you think people try to bowl you over with a multitude of facts? Why else do you think scholars of all types establish themselves by their credentials and qualifications? They want to intimidate you. They want to put you into a defensive position so that you do not dare question them … not without the probability that you’ll come across as an ignorant fool, anyhow. And this same sense of intimidation keeps us from seeing the obvious simplicity and miraculous substance of obedience.

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Hey I am liking this stuff.  This one really put me in remembrance of a brother I knew years ago . This sister told me to go see this much older man an elder in the church where I was attending at the time . When I meant him he kept interrupting me when we were talking and saying you know that is in the Bible  . And then taking the time and showing me where it was  . Now the point he was trying to make was not that I was so learned in fact quite the opposite.    I was not well received in most church circles most treated me like a second class citizen and if I was schooled enough and followed all the rules maybe someday I would amount to something and God would or could then use me.   Well this fellow was trying to tell me that the God every one was talking about was already in me and he kept hearing Him speak when we were talking.   I was not speaking chapter and verse at the time I didn't know what that was.    Him and I were just talking about God and the things of God and he kept pointing out how what I was saying was in the Bible.
And I have never forgot the lesson and Jim brought it up right off.   This stuff is in you already and we are just helping to get you to see it. I have since talked to many and could tell them about certain things about them selves and what God was saying to them and i told them just talk long enough it will come out of your own mouth and you wont even realize it most of the time  . I would tell them He is in there I can hear him speak when you talk . After awhile they would begin to hear Him for them selves.  Christ comes in us. We our the clouds He is appearing in. Well any way thanks Guys looking forward to more.

Ha! … great word, Dave. I love it! Jim, your kicking a HUGE sacred cow pointing out obedience means to hear and listen. However, in the Greek, ‘it is what it is’. Nergo
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Hello my friend Nergo!! All I can say to that is MOOOOOO!!!! spin

I can’t say specifically ‘what’ I liked about this. I love of course, the understanding obedience as simply ‘hearing and listening.’ I love the reference to ‘acoustic’. I know what that is! But, what is most meaningful to me is hearing life and grace ‘spoken’ through all of what you say, the fellowship I feel with the One whom I love most.

P.S. That last comment was me, Jim. Mary

Excellent. Even in our language obedience ('послушание') literally means 'hearing' or 'to hear' in the sense of abiding in a state of hearing. But the superstitious are still hung up on the outward, nevertheless. I think Peter somewhere wrote that the new spirit, by nature, causes the obedience, or the hearing of God, and in that he is the evidence of the removal of the flesh. 

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I'm not surprised to discover that even in your native Bulgarian the word for obedience also means "to hear." It's almost like these words are trying to get our attention. lol


I couldn’t let this one pass without replying. I was brought up in the US by two emigrant Ukrainian parents. They spoke nothing but Ukrainian to us kids, and as far as I can remember, they never told me to obey them, they simply said “Listen”, and I knew what they meant according to the religion they knew. It’s been quite a long time since then; at one time I could have spelled out the word in Ukrainian but, I did recognize it in your spelling. Thanks for the reminder, as it served to again take me to my love and Gratitude to father for his continuing faithfulness in bringing me out of religion and to life in his son…. And his faithfulness continues to this day through theshovel. Don’t you just love Christ and his body!!! Julie PS. I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to type in the ” homepage “, so I left it blank.
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Hello Julie! Thanks so much for jumping in with that memory.


PS ... for visitors who post, the only info that needs to be entered in the form has a red asterisk. :)

Julie thanks so much for sharing your experience!




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