3 Jul 2012

Obedience, Part 3

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From the audio: “Whereas the fleshly mind caused us to build illusions of obedience that need to be shattered, the religious mind would have us denounce the reality of the obedience to which we were called in the life-giving Spirit of Christ.”

If your assumptions regarding the nature of obedience had been shaped by those who had been exposed as frauds, is it possible that you therefore need to take another look at what it truly is?

ShovelAudio: Obedience, Part 3

(Audio Series: Obedience)

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Hey guys good stuff I for one am really enjoying this series of audios.

Thank you Dave!

and thanks to Jim for correcting my post!

Jim & Adam, This was so enlightening!! WOW!! Our flesh is so deceptive. Thank you for helping me to see more perfectly into true fellowship with Jesus as my life. I can see where I have struggled with the comparison of myself with the self-righteous religious people and how even though I had left the system I was still carrying this fleshly attitude with me. It can keep us from the real thing of living in Christ as His body without trying to prove that we are living correctly. I should just rest in Him and enjoy Him. Learning to enjoy Jesus, Dan Markley
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And thank you for expressing your enlightenment so clearly. It encourages me to hear it. :)


Well said Dan.smiley




Very good, Dan … well said. Thank you for sharing -cp

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