25 Jun 2012

Obedience, Part 2

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Perhaps the biggest lie that keeps us from understanding the true nature of obedience is the suggestion that we ever truly obeyed before being made alive in Christ. From the audio: You see, just because the outward expression of my own disobedience didn’t match that of my brother, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t do the same things. The wisdom we learned in the world might offer a million different ways to prove that we’re not as bad as our brothers — that we don’t do the same things they do — but the light reveals that, in spite of our attempts to create levels, all darkness is essentially the same. If you’d rather download the file, right-click on the following link and choose the save as option: Download Link

I am including the majority of our discussion in print. You may find numerous changes, additions or exclusions, but it will give those who don’t want to listen a chance to scroll through our notes. Jim

ShovelAudio: Obedience, Part 2

(Audio Series: Obedience)

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! The audio is out already?! I didn’t expect it to be out this soon!! :) I really enjoyed the last one, so I’ve been looking forward to this one! Sadly it is too late for me to listen to it tonight, but maybe I will be able too listen to it tomorrow :) Anyway, I’ve been enjoying lots of shovel audios lately, and I wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to make them. I hope you all have a good day :) - Nathaniel
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Nathaniel, thanks for the encouragement! I know that we're both happy to make these available. :)


Hey Guys Really enjoying this. I was thinking why dont they give out something like a bible to sinners telling them how to be better sinners. Every body gets one when they are born into this world and those who study the most are the very best sinners and go to the top of the class. For the longest time I always had the thought that most of those in the christian church were reading their bible so they could be what they thought the book said they were suppose to be. I guess the change was so drastic for me it was more evedent and real at least to me. At first I thought God had tricked me that some how I was this thing that I seen in the pages of scripture at first it was a scary thought and not one I would share with any one I thought they would think I was crazy not as if they already didnt think that any way. It was not something I was trying to be it was something that somehow I really was and reading the scripture just confirmed what had taken place in my heart. No body had to tell me how to be a sinner I did not need a book in fact I could have writen one. And the same should be true for us as Christians this is something we are.Not something we are trying to be at least that is the way it should be. I always bring up the way we treat one another and I find that is the one test that can not be faked. No matter how hard they try most all who are just reading and trying to be will fail this test. That is why Jesus said you will know that by their love for one another and even their enemys. See He did not want to leave any one out because this kind of love is only truly in the heart of the Christ who is now our life. Well any way I enjoyed hanging out with you guys and hey Jim sounds like your natural brother and I had a lot in common in the life I use to be in. But then I guess we all did in one way or another.
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Dave, you are such a delight! What a shame it is to see those who are born of God trying so hard to be what they already are that they end up stifling the true love that is within them. Thanks for this, my brother!!


Hey Jim Thanks. You are right Jim I have seen many who I knew were my brother or sister and they were so hung up on doctrine they would rather kick me out as a heratic and not relize it was Christ they were kicking out and I could see in their eyes they knew it was wrong but for the sake of the crowd or the church they would do it any way. I believe in the times we are in many of these same people will come and ask for forgivness and we need to have our arms and hearts open to them. And always know except for Christ there goes all of us. Another point you brought up in the audio is also important for us to not forget many who have come out of the IC are worse then many still in and can not get off their high horse and lend a helping hand to a brother and most likley over some high fangled doctrine that now they think is the real truth. Easy to get caught in and something to be on the alert about. Doctrine is great but in the end Christ is the answer to all that would come up and many times I dont know works just fine also. Better then losing a brother or sister just so we think we look good. When we wear Christ we will always look good and do not have to be so concerned about who is right or wrong.

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