21 Jun 2012

Obedience, Part 1

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Do you live in obedience or in disobedience? And can grace help you out with your problem? Yeah, we all know we’re supposed to obey, but we also know that we’ve failed miserably. Need some good news? Listen along with Adam and Jim as they reconsider this seemingly difficult topic.

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(Audio Series: Hebrews AND Obedience)

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Hey very interesting stuff guys. I guess the one thing I kept thinking of was all the time I have been in this not coming from a church back round as a kid. Since I have been one with God through Christ which did not start till I was 30 years old I have either said to others or eles heard it from others you mean you are really doing this. I found most all who I meant in the system we call church as going to church and being one way but in their every day life another. Very few if any I have meant were really doing what I would call obeying or acting as if this life in Christ was a real thing now and not something they would do in the future in the sweet by and by. No reason to treat one another right because of some doctrinal loop hole they would find to say God wanst really serious about us hearing and really doing. Well any way I will look forward to where you guys are going with this.
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Hello again my brother Dave!

I suspect that most who call themselves Christians are often in serious doubt about their obedience, that is, viewing it according to a certain level or standard that they have missed. I'm pretty sure that's why most Christians seek out or fall for one or more of the many strategies designed to supposedly improve what is lacking in their obedience.


Dave I really find your testimony here revealing. Thanks for sharing it. Adam

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