4 Jun 2011

The Joining of Two: the Real Stuff

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In this week’s Audio, Jim and Adam discuss more in depth the realities presented in 1 Peter 3:1. What does it mean to respect your mate? What about submission and even headship? We discuss these things and more in this week’s Shovel Audio Program entitled, The Joining of Two: The Real Stuff. Wont you join us?

ShovelAudio: The Joining of Two: the Real Stuff

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Thanks so much for taking the time to address my question regarding “headship”. I appreciate what you are saying regarding marriage and headship as involving the reality of being in Christ and that it is not to be according to the fleshly/worldly mindset. But until that reality is seen and understood, many spouses will suffer under a legal and harsh mindset. Yes, marriage is an opportunity to serve each other in love. Enjoying this audio on marriage.

I appreciate your comments Visitor. Keep listening in and if you want, ask some more questions. We will be doing another audio this week. Look for it on Saturday or Sunday. thanks again, Adam
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I also am glad to hear that you are enjoying this audio series. As Adam stated, we are continuing on with it. :)


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