21 May 2011

The Joining of Two: the Purpose of Marriage

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In this week’s Shovel Audio Program, we discuss the common misconceptions of the purpose of marriage. There are countless teachers, books, and seminars available to us on how we should live within this union. Have we listened and heard only to be filled up with a sense of lack and emptiness? Is what we have been told really what Paul and others were testifying to? What about the institutional church? Is it, in its many forms, any better than the world regarding the meaning and purpose of marriage? We will explore this and more in this week’s ShovelAudio program “The Joining Of Two”. Wont you join us?

ShovelAudio: The Joining of Two: the Purpose of Marriage

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Thanks for the excellent reminder that I am one with Christ, as a husband and wife. One suggestion for these audios: How about some more interaction between you two. Seems like Adam says something or asks a question and then it’s Jim for a long time. How about more comments from Adam, even some disagreement at times. Right now, it’s pretty one sided. I do appreciate what Jim shares, but is Adam needed?

Hi Tim, Hey thanks for your feedback. We both appreciate it for sure. You know, I have considered a more back and forth style but, as of right now there is probably enough for the both of us to keep on task. Right now I create the material every week and of course keep track of all the breaks and of course as we break he and I talk about keeping on task etc. Jim briefly goes over the material and then he is able to speak to some of what comes to mind and heart as I moderate. He also then will spend time editing it the next day. I too will also submit the headings to post on the Shack for the subject matter. So it works pretty nice now. Personally I really enjoy it and because I work 3 jobs it is a welcome break to do some listening while I work behind the scenes of the show. Who knows? We may just do a show or two were we banter back and forth but, for now it works pretty well with what we both have on our plates. Keep in mind it actually cuts into Jim’s bed time and I literally get off work and I am eating dinner within minutes of setting up for the program. It is barely squeezed in..but it has been worth it. Hope that kind of answers your inquiry? thanks again Tim… Adam

Jim and Adam, As I have mentioned before, I have appreciated what you have done already and I can only imagine the challenges. But I want you to know what a “listener” like me thinks, too. You don’t need to defend yourselves. I just think that more of a back and forth interaction and even disagreement would make the whole thing more interesting for me as a listener. That’s all. Blessings to you.
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Hello Tim,

Please know that I appreciated your suggestions as from the viewpoint of a listener. I took what you mentioned seriously, and I thought you might appreciate some background information so that you would would know what we are dealing with, where both of us individually and collectively are coming from, and how that might affect how we might add more interaction as we continue on. We've already been in discussion about what you've asked since having read your comments. Please don't chalk this up to defensiveness, for that would surely miss the stimulation your input has created.

Jim :)

Jim, I second that. When we talked about this it was good to just toss ideas back and forth about it. Defensiveness was far from the conversation. I think though that most of what I am presenting to you in the material IS often highlighting the objections of the fleshly mind. The neat thing about interacting with you over the years has been your confidence in Christ through all sorts of questions. Though sometimes I have expressed frustrations, or sadness or even lots of agreement I have always sensed a great deal of faith despite anything I would throw out your way. That has been strengthening to our relationship and it has built trust in me for you. You aren’t scared off by the questionings. So many that are ‘in ministry’ are so frightened by the various questions circulating about in Christianity..or else they are just able to develop pat answers for it all. I just never was able to do the ‘pat answer’ thing very well. Something inside me HAD to know that He was real, my faith was of the true stuff and that despite appearances God was testifying something to ME and others. Thats a big deal..and now I get to encourage others to be real about stuff and that is cool. Tough questions are really my forte for better or for worse. I have never been as strong as others on typing my questions but, I do much better sharing them in words. However it is not easy to put into words![never has been] So, I am enjoying tackling some of the tough questions along with you week after week. For it is quite often left unsaid but not always dealt with on the inside for many of us. I guess I don’t generally have any real desire to argue much with you..oh there are a few things here and there I find myself aggressively wanting to clarify but, i have long since suspected that it often boiled down to wording for you and I. For we have had such a similarity in some of the things God has brought us to understand over the years, it is quite sereal for me. Yeah not so much Bible interpretations but, more just real living conclusions that the Spirit inside us has pointed to the whole entire time. I had learned through my many experiences in the world to try and shut off that voice that speaks life to me..even through much confusion. You have gone before me in a sense and faced much of what myself and many others are just now facing in view of the revelation of Christ and you are one who is offering help through the sound mind He has given to you. Pretty cool if you ask me, Adam

Jim and Adam, I appreciate the work you are putting into these audio discussions and look forward to the next one. Thank you! Tim
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Hello Tim! Thanks for your comments.

Let me address your last statement first so that there is no misunderstanding. If it was not for Adam, the ShovelAudio would not be happening. I had thought about doing mini-audios for some time now, as in answering some of the Q&A that way, but that obviously never came about until Adam kept after me about hooking up. And the original idea was for he and I to do a study together with questions he wanted to ask me. Adam's interaction is also what keeps it going, for he gets the whole thing going ... and I need that. So never for a moment wonder if Adam is needed in this venture.

Also keep in mind that this is just the beginning of our venture together. We've had to overcome some big obstacles just to get where we are. We usually have some trouble with either the audio and/or the video, as both can lag big time. I'll be watching Adam on the video box as I'm talking, and I notice a little pause or drag or video freeze that starts to fluctuate. Sometimes the video is off by minutes, so that by time I see him waving to get my attention it might be much later. This past week's audio just shut down for a while, and we had to restart our Skype connection. The bottom line in all this is that I try not to interrupt Adam if he's talking, and vice versa, because it usually creates audio feedback. I've often thought how nice it would be if Adam and I lived close enough to each other to have these discussions in person, as it would make for a much more personal feel for both of us, and it would negate the problems from the online connection.

All that said, I'm looking forward to working things out so that Adam and I can have much more interaction. It will come about slowly, as it's not just because I don't want to let Adam have any time to interject, he also informs me that he's not quite up to just jumping in without being more prepared. We're working on that. :) You see, I don't use notes or prepare what I'm going to say ahead of time, other than to read through Adam's questions and lead-in material, and the Bible verses he comes up with. I have full confidence that the two of us will eventually move from the current format into a more free-flowing interaction. However, neither of us are in a rush to push it before its time.

Somehow we'll to have to figure out a way to get past our current obstacles. Skype does have a chat option that we have used, but I have to make it work for me in such a way that it will get my attention. I get in a zone, and I'm pretty focused. Adam will sometimes send a text message my way, but between the other apps opened on my monitor I often don't notice it in time. Like I say, we've only just begun. As a matter of fact, Adam just called me and we discussed the situation, and he definitely wants to take it slow.

Jim :)

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