7 Oct 2013

Love and Provision

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If the grace and freedom of Christ defines everything then how does it relate to paying our bills or everyday stuff?

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Sidebar: In demonstration of power

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This was one of those little bloopers that cracked us up!

Out-take: The wisdom of the squirrel?

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What do you say to people like me that truly hear what you (Jim) say many times when you express the Life that is truly the only real Life for us to live in this earthly realm BUT I don't hear much from God about that Life myself. I believe the Life of Christ within is only heard in the Spirit, never heard in the flesh or with the natural mind. But, I mean, with some things you share that really speak to me I wonder, 'why does God seem so elusive to me?, Why didn't I "think" of that?', or 'Is God speaking and I am too "deaf" to hear'? I know Christ is my savior, I been forgiven and I don't carry around in me alot of old emotional or mental baggage from my past, I am a new creation in Christ, no doubt about it. I just don't hear Him. -cp

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My friend, if you are hearing him through me then you are hearing HIM! :)

I second that!



I have been thinking about your recent post these past few days -cp, and would like to offer this one word from my own experience....COMPARISON. The doubt and confusion always came when I compared myself with someone else. When father brought me to that realization, I could then settle in to realizing the "unique" intimate ways I did hear him.

Trust and enjoy your relationship with Christ, I heard it in your post......Julie

You guys gave me a chuckle this morning listening to the out take about the wisdom of the squirrel!!  I too have a few squirrels around here, and they are not so much wise as they are persistent and determined to get at the food designated for the birds!  I guess just like the world is determined and persistent in trying to feed us it's garbage that belongs to it.  Guess the wisdom of the world is quite “squirrelly.”  Thanks for the laugh!!!

It's funny that you mention it because I had been seeing some silly activity with the neighborhood squirrels that week prior to the audio. I guess you can see were my mind was! lol


Thanks for sharing



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