30 Apr 2011

Living in the moment with I Am

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Jesus said:

so do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own Matthew 6:34

Jesus said not to worry. He said to let tomorrow care for itself. The world is always calling to us to be fearful and worried for our tomorrows. In this short recording, Jim goes into detail about what it is to trust in the One and Only I AM in the midst of the worries we face in this world. We hope you will enjoy this audio entitled “Living In The Moment With I AM”.

ShovelAudio: Living in the moment with I Am

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Jim, You did a fine job my friend! Adam
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Yeah maybe ... but I had a lot of help! :)

Thanks, Jim

Enjoyed this one today, men. We only live in the now! Yes indeed. By the way, my ‘98 Honda Odyssey with 256K still gets me where I need to go…with a few squeaks. But it sure is easy to envy all the nice new cars all around me. :-(

Visitor! Thanks so much for your comments. Yeah that one was a real encouraging recording for sure. Keep listening, there is more to come! Adam
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I also drive an older car, a 1999 Buick LeSabre. However, I don't have near the mileage you do, but I do have the squeaks and other noises. :)


Yes, Jim, I was responding to your comments on your Buick in the broadcast. This is Tim and I have the Honda. I wrote from another computer earlier and it just registered me as a visitor.
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Haha ... I suppose I should have been able to remember what I said a few days ago, eh? LOL


Jim, I am really being blessed by your recordings! I have been listening to them as I get ready for the day to get my thoughts in line with the reality of who I am in Christ! Thanks so much for sharing God’s heart so we can know Him!! Terrific insight once again!! Yes, we need to live in the now of the I AM!! He is our life today and when we rest in Him He lets us enjoy Himself in us and through us and as us. Steve McVey, gave an illustration in his “Grace Walk Experience” of someone seeing a man pumping water out of a well and he was intrigued at how fast and continuously and how long he had been pumping with no let up at all. So he finally walked closer to see how this man could do this. As he got closer he saw that the man was really made out of metal and was mechanical and that the water was coming out of the well and was making the man move up and down. So it wasn’t the man pumping the water it was the water pumping the man. Steve’s point was that it is not us pumping out this river of life but Christ in us that is pumping His river of life out of us. What a difference!! Let Him pump every day and let us enjoy His Life today and live in the reality that He will do it tomorrow as well!!! We are One in Christ, Dan Markley
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Hello my brother Dan!

Cool illustration about the water pumping the man. :) I am thrilled just knowing that our audios are having such an effect in your life. Thanks for sharing this.


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