7 Nov 2011

Judge not lest you be judged!

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This week’s good-news grace audio deals with yet another misunderstood Bible verse, Matthew 7:1, where Jesus said, “Judge not, lest you be judged”. What about the righteous judgment Jesus also spoke of? Don’t let a legalistic intimidation of this world cause you to hold back from standing in your inheritance in the finished work of Christ.

ShovelAudio: Judge not lest you be judged!

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Jim, Thank you so much for this audio!! As I was listening Christ gave me revelation into this “judge no man according to the flesh.” We were taught the “principles of this world” in judging one another according the flesh. When we judge others according to the flesh to determine whether they are spiritual or not we get caught in Satan’s trap. What is our criteria for judging someone’s spirituality? How are their children behaving? How are their adult children behaving? How many are serving God in full time christian service? The pastors family all turned out great! He only preaches the Truth of the Word etc. By all these markers he is at 100%. Yet this same pastor is not preaching Christ at all but instead how to live a godly life out of the flesh. Setting himself up as the prime example of how everyone else ought to live. What pains me is that because of his influence people are being aborted from Christ and to this spiritual self-improvement. They are not thriving in the righteousness of Christ but striving to attain their own righteousness in the flesh. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately they are failing dismally to live up to the pastors example and so he is their “Moses” that they look to for their sustenance and yet at the same time they are relegated to babyhood and condemnation by the pastor when they fail. And of course this is one of those really conservative, Bible preaching, verse by verse expository 45 minutes every sermon kind of churches. Make sure if you need to sneeze to get permission ahead of time. A lot of well meaning believers are being drawn to it because it seems so wise to follow the Bible instead of this mystical Christ! They have a relationship with the Bible but not with “The Word” of the Bible. Thanks for letting me vent! Your audio answered my question in regards to why some believers I know are thinking that this church is good. It’s because thy are judging it according to the flesh and not according to Christ. Christ is Everything and we don’t need to have anything less and we don’t need anything more!! In the Love of Christ, Dan Markley
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My brother, this thrills my heart! And I appreciate your vent. I am sure it needed to come out. :)


Thank you for sharing, Dan. You described well the sheep & shepherd church. It’s much like a cult. I was in one for years in the 70s and early 80s. Jim and others here have really helped in opening my eyes. Nergo
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Nergo, it warms my heart to hear from you!! :)


I write and delete again and again and the process goes on. So I am now just saying since listening to He did not come to abolish the Law I had to listen to Judge Not again. My friends say to me “I am a believer but I still sin” or “I am a believer and I sin but it is not me doing it”. I so appreciate the encouragement from everyone who has the courage to write as I now know I am not alone in LIFE and I am seeing the family of ONENESS. Thank you Jim and Adam for making this connection available. Vivi
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This life and the oneness we share is so worth writing and speaking about. It is our joy to share together with you in this, my dear Vivian! :)


I echo the same Vivian!




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