3 Apr 2012

If We Hold Fast Our Confidence, Part 2

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Struggling to rest? Working hard at keeping the faith? Maybe we’ve been depending on a Christianity that doesn’t hold Christ as its source. Listen in as Jim and Adam continue with a discussion on Hebrews and holding fast our confidence.

ShovelAudio: If we hold fast our confidence, part 2

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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and here it is! Thanks so much brother for getting this out there. I see so much of Him through you in various ways…
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Thanks my friend for getting this out there with me! :)


Hey Guys While listening to this audio I kept thinking back 30 years ago when I did not know God. When myself and all the other drug addicts I hung around with would talk about God and Jesus saying someday we to would get our chance to have our time to plead our cae before God in the sweet by and by. I know most people in the Church system dont believe that the dope addicts and all those out side the walls of the church could possibly be thinking about such things. The sad part was when I finally ended up in said churches so many of these same people tried to tell me I was speacil because I use to be a drug addict and had been set free like God did something for me that he rarley does for any one else. What I began to see was that most all of them did not live any diffrent then all us dope addicts Jesus was a thing to be worshipped from afar a someday thing off somewhere in the future. When I tried to tell them that He Christ was a now thing the powers that be those in charge and more learned then my self of course. With thier many years of bible school under thier belts made sure not to much of this Christ being now got around to thier flock. It was always as if I was on the outside looking at men reading their bibles and trying to make it work the same way you would buy a game like monoply and read the instructions and then make sure you all were on the same page about how to play. I seen so many who I believed were for real and were being lied to by those in authority and made to think that they were the very best of all the people in the world because they went to church. And in truth they were no diffrent then all the bad people or those they thought were bad because their God was a someday God and so was the one I had before I knew the Christ of God as my life. Only diffrence I did not go to church and never did. Most all of them were brought up in church. I use to try to tell them the biggest field of sinners was not in the world but behind the walls of the churches in America being taught the law instead of Christ. Oh well just some thoughts promted by what I heard.
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Dave, thanks so much for this vivid insight into a mind that has been set free by Christ! I was one of those IN the organization who assumed that he was better than those who didn't go. Either way, it takes the grace of God to be set free, doesn't it? :)


Hey Jim You are so right about Grace. For with out it we all would become like all those who supress the truth about Christ. We have to remind ourselves and each other it is by grace we have been made new and not by our own works. Like making Jesus the Lord of our life like if we had not done that He would not be Lord. We even need to extend it to those who we think need it the least of all. All the preachers of the churches we have attended. It is easy to get a hard heart about some of these men and start to fall into the same trap and exculde them from the grace God extendes to all. I find the best solution is to treat all just right. I never ask any to leave my house and will fellowship with all no matter what they say thier doctrine is. I did not say I agree with all. I will just treat them right no matter what they believe. I find that very few will stay. I was told long ago when a church I use to attend did not like a certain fellow because of his back round to never do this. That more important then any doctrine was to act as if they were saved no matter what. I know some people will think that is crazy and not scriptural. I had a guy come to my house a while ago who tried to tell me he was Jesus Christ and all about heaven and hell. He was more convinced of this then any one I have ever delt with. Most people would have just argued with him and proved him wrong and never let him darken their door again thinking they were doing God a favor. I shook his hand as he left and told him he was always welcome in my house and I would always like to see him again. Did I believe his claims no. But I also knew that it was only by grace we are any of us saved even this fellow who was trying to tell me he really was Christ come again. Like I said I made up my mind I would never seperate my self from someone for what they believed. I find if what you have is the real thing then they will do that them selves. Jesus was always trying to give them the truth and what would be goood for them. In the end all of them ran away not wanting the truth and killing the Lord of glory. Why should it be diffrent for any of us. The funny part is the very people who say they have the love of God the church on every corner our the very ones who will kick you out in a minute for not doing things the way they do. Always seemed to me like cutting your own arm off. Now why would you want to do that? Any way thank God for grace and thank God for reminding me we always need it.

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