27 Mar 2012

If We Hold Fast Our Confidence, Part 1

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“but Christ was faithful as a Son over His house–whose house we are, if we hold fast our confidence and the boast of our hope firm until the end … For we have become partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our assurance firm until the end,” (Hebrews 3:6,14)
How are we supposed to rest in Jesus while we’re trying to hold fast to our confidence — all the way until the end? You know, at times that little word IF seems to remove all sense of assurance, doesn’t it? Join Jim & Adam for the first part of “If we hold fast our confidence”

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Hey guys good stuff. The one thing I have found after all these years is that many can quote scripture and say all the right things but stumble over something very simple. Can you be my friend? I myself thought many times that certain people I ran into were or had to be true believers but the one thing i found they could not do or would not do was simply be my friend. I mean hang out and be seen with me. I had a guy who would sneek over and talk with me and try to convince me of the error of my ways with all kind of scripture. One day i just said lets set all of this aside and just go hang out togeather. Boy did I hit a sore spot. We always asume most have come down the same road we have because they have all the lingo down pat. Kinda like Adam was saying about the children of Israe in the willdrness all saying the right things but when it came down to it only 2 were for real. Many just asume we all went to some alter and made a decision for Chirst. When I tell them I did not do this it throws them. I tell them I was not looking for God He was looking for me. I heard His voice or word and began to act on what I heard. Pretty soon I cant tell you how this same word was in me and some how was now my life. And the one thing I know is many can talk the talk but the one thing they can not do is just be my friend. And will say all manner of evil about me to make it looke like I could not possibly me any thing that could even be considered Christian. And I always tell them I didnt do this I would have never thought up something this bizzare who would of? Any way good stuff guys and a real help for all of use coming out of the willdreness. The real test is not how much scripture we know or how well we can quote said scripture. The real test is do we love one another? I relized a long time ago it was not me they were having a problem with it was Christ who was now my life. That is something one can not fake though many try. Can we just be friends? Unless we have the very life of God the Christ as our life we will always run when the shepard is struck no matter how much we declare not me Lord I wont run. Christ is always and ever will be the deciding factor. We are kinda like touch stones when you rub up against us or each other is it gold that comes forth or something else? Things for all of us to think about. Thanks guys.
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Hello Dave!
Thanks for responding, my friend. Such simplicity in the love of Christ, isn't there? :)


Dave it is always great to hear back from you and others. Thanks again.

Hello both of you and thank you for the greeting. I just want to add a little something. I have been to many sites on the net and on most who go by the name of Christ there is just a bunch of people trying to prove that the Jesus they believe in is the true Jesus. And there are many people visiting and making comments. This site does not have all that trafic and one of the biggest reasons is the way you guys field the questions which in my thought any way is by the very wisdom of God and dosent leave room for all the fussing and fighting on most sites. I guess what I am really trying to say is I thank God for you 2 brothers and the way you are doing things. I know you dont need my approval and that is not what this is. I have been thinking about this for about a week and what it really is. Is just a thank you from a brother in Christ for your faithfull ness to all those in the body of Christ and to what Christ is doing in the both of you to help build us up in the truth that is in Christ. Like I said there is a lot going on trying to pass it self off as truth. I thank God for this little place where not just words are spoken but your actions also line up with the words. Your brother in Christ Dave
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Thank you for your heart of gold, Dave! I take this encouragement in the spirit with which you sent it, and believe me, I am totally encouraged by what you are testifying to.

Thanks again,

Yes Dave, I am right there with Jim. You are truly testifying to something not many express in this day and age. Thank you brother. Adam

That was so beautifully stated, Dave!  :) My heart is so in-sync with yours concerning it all!  :) Very much encouraging and right-on!  :) Thank you so much for sharing this! :)

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