26 Aug 2013

Help Me Help You!

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Christians have been desperately struggling to live holy lives for centuries. For many, asking God to help them in their struggle against sin pretty much defines their understanding of the Christian life. But if God has already removed our sin through the sacrifice of his son, what are we actually asking him to do? Do we not think Jesus Christ did a good enough job?

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I listened to this, this morning. Ya know our lives have been busy this summer, especially on the weekends - finishing up things at Dave's father's townhouse, which will be sold tomorrow; working in customer service. I always enjoy the opening remarks, including the James Bond reference, Jim, and Adam, your comments about being sensitive - so wonderful to have someone who relates to that.:) Under the list of duties to perform, there is such DEMAND. Listening today, I was in a moment drawn into the state of rest. And I love this, because the gospel represents Him who I love the most, and with God there are none of those demands. His Life means REST. I really love you guys.:)

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I am encouraged to know that you have been drawn into a restful state through our audio, Mary! Always good to hear from you. Thanks!


Mary I was touched by this response. Thanks so much for your words.



Well put, Mary :)  And even better because it's true.

Thanks, guys.  It's always good listening to you.



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And it’s great to hear back from you, Mikey!! :)


Charlotte has been visiting me this past week, and it's been a most wonderful time of sharing the life of Christ that we both marvel at. We listened to the latest audio again together, and what a wonderful way to listen, as we would stop it at some points, and talk about it. God was so faithful as He always is, to open up more clarity at these times. We talked about that if we compare ourselves with the self we think we should be, (which is an unreal fantasy), we can only end up condemning ourselves. WE CONDEMN OURSELVES BY A STANDARD THAT ISN'T EVEN REAL!!!
Hi everyone, this is Charlotte, and ditto what Julie has just posted. We have been having a great time sharing together in this wonderful life Father has given to us. Something that really hit me so clearly this morning was how we lived and sometimes still go back to living in the shoulds and should nots ie. "I should be this or should do this , should not be this or do this...etc". How wonderful to be free of the tyranny of the shoulds and should nots! Will be talking to you again when I get back to Ohio...

Julie and Char, the dynamic duo, signing off

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I am so excited to see you two connecting like this! As Adam said, I love witnessing the life as it flows out of you together. I am glad you have had a chance to visit.

Love, Jim

I just LOVE this!!


You too are speaking of a life that shines like a beacon in a dark, dark world.


Love to you both sisters,



this audio totally snapped me out of an obligatory mindset and got me to recognize once again my True Self in Christ. amazing!

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My brother Justin, this report lifts my heart with joy! Thank you. :)


Justin, I really miss those spontaneous comments from you. Thank you for sharing again. Keep digging. -nergo

Jim and Adam,

I agree with all the above comments. I just wanted to say that you have given me such a clearer understanding of the verses in Hebrews. I went to Bible school and I have read commentators and papers by scholars on this passage. Been in debates with people who have been taught they can loose their salvation etc. and I have got to say that your explanation of these verses is the very best I have ever heard and His Spirit was confirming the truth with my spirit. This revelation from God to you is wonderful and so in line with who God is and how He reveals Himself all through Scripture. Your insight into the spiritual realm never ceases to amaze me. God has certainly given you these truths for the benefit of His Body. Thanks again for sharing these with us so we can grow up into the Head which is Christ.


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I am so thankful to my God that your confidence is being affirmed through this audio. Yeah, Hebrews has been so misunderstood for so long that people from all sides of the fence seem to emphasize the parts that support their perceptions and make arguments against the parts that undermine them.

Jim :)

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