1 May 2012

Hebrews, the Sabbath Rest

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Is this the next step in your walk with God … or have you missed out on the Sabbath rest as described in Hebrews 4? Join Adam and Jim as they expose some of the religious spin that has turned this reality into an evasive concept that lures Christians to chase after something that only seems like Christ.

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Boy did this ever hit home. Standing on the out side and lookng in. I can remenber so many times thinking why work so hard at something you already are suppose to be in Christ and then one day having the thought they dont really believe this do they? I had a talk with a elder of a church who asked me to leave because I told them I was no longer a sinner. He asked me what was the diffrence between him and my self and I said to him in a most sincere and kind way. I know excalty what it is you just dont believe that it has all been accomplished in Christ it really is finished. You work at believing and try to prove it to one another. I just believe it and therefore am this thing we call life in Christ. It is not something you do it is something you are. It is so funny sinners dont work at being sinners they are born that way. And yet Christians seem to think it was and is something that you do to become one with God. They say born again but in truth they believe it will all pan out when they get to heaven. What is really sad is that many of the worst offenders are the men in charge who seek to make even true believers into what they are and keep them on a constant cycle of works and the law other wise known as church and all that goes with it. Oh well enough for now good stuff guys.

They believe “the finished work of Christ” is merely His death and resurrection. The real work is done by the Christians who WORK HARD to earn and keep their salvation…”I gave my life for you; what hast thou given for me.”
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I could read this one of two ways, so I want to ask: Are you meaning to say that all of what you wrote is what "they" believe ... or were you meaning to say that the second part is what you believe?

Hi David, Yes it all seemed[seems] so strange didn’t it? There is just something about the natural mind that just shows itself for what it is through the light of the Truth.

Hebrews 4:4 We know it is ready because of the place in the Scriptures where it mentions the seventh day: “On the seventh day God rested from all his work.” how does resting on Saturday fit into your discussion?
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The rest provided by Christ surpasses any constriction to a particular day, in including Saturday. However, if you want to set that day aside for rest you are free to do so. :)


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