31 Jan 2012

Hebrews, the Painful Truth

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I suspect that Hebrews presents a mixed bag for many Christians. In places, it provides massive confidence, but then seems to take it all away right after that. So then, what do we do with Hebrews? We could follow the common practice of picking and choosing the verses we want and ignore the rest — just like selecting a meal at a cafeteria — or we could actually try to read it as a letter written to a specific group of people at a particular time in history. And no, it doesn’t have to be boring!

This particular audio will not begin in Hebrews, rather it will start WITH the Hebrews — the people, that is. We’re digging into Stephen’s message in Acts 7 to find some clues regarding the ticking time-bomb that had been building in Jerusalem. Why? Because that’s where the people lived who got this letter. Join Jim and Adam as they uncover some very important information that might just help you understand why Hebrews seems to present contradictions. Give us a listen! :)

ShovelAudio: Hebrews, the Painful Truth

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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HOT DOGGGGGYYYY!!! … another audio! Thanks, Guys! nergo

Great introduction, guyz!  :) Looking forward to getting into the Book of Hebrews now!  :) I love how you point out that our tendancy with the Bible is to choose ‘ala carte’ to create our ‘meal’. LOL Reading the Bible in such a manner as hit-and-miss, taking things out of context and trying to force-fit where things do not fit in reality, is what creates so many different religions. It creates and fosters so much confusion, fear, guilt and shame, depending on how it is used/manipulated. I also love how you draw attention to and explain some of the history before getting into it. Putting things into a more appropriate perspective with the context of it all is sooo helpful and encouraging!! Thank you! Looking forward to the rest! :)

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