12 Jun 2012

Hebrews, the Priesthood and Melchizedek

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Melchizedek? Other than giving rise to many theological discussions, what do we really know about this character? And why did the writer of Hebrews bring him up at this point in the letter? Ignore the reason behind it, and you’ll probably keep flip-flopping back and forth with those difficult passages that follow.

Hebrews: The Priesthood and Melchizedek

(Audio Series: Hebrews)

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Good stuff guys. It always seems that Jesus is just around the corner. Most live this life in Christ as if they are always waiting for Jesus to show up and then every thing will be alright. And the IC as Adam puts it makes this the whole point of every thing they do so you are always connected to a system instead of to Christ. They do not take to heart the thought that my Kingdom is not of this world. And in truth the Church system as most know it is just another part of the world that lies in the lapp of the wicked one and does nothing to promote the true life of Christ. More then any thing I find how we treat each other is always the true test. He who has been forgiven much loves much. Most in truth are waiting to see Jesus before they make up their mind about who is and is not their brother or sister. So they are ready to burn you because they are convinced that is what God would do and they want to be just like the God that the IC promotes and not the one Christ has come to proclaim. Any way good stuff guys and somethings we could all do well to think on. Dave
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Hello Dave! I love how you bring up the wait-and-see basis of the religious system. The truth is so simple, that since Christ has forgiven us and has become our very life that it's not about making determinations based upon information (even good, Biblical doctrines), rather it has everything to do with our being alive. We are alive in Him, so why do we wait for instructions regarding HOW we're supposed to act? Why not simply live as those who are alive from the dead? Good news, my brother!


yes, i like that realization, dave! :) in other words, how the religious mind always desperately attempts to keep others connected to a ‘system’ (the system of their choice, of course) as opposed to encouraging those in Christ to realize they ARE connected to HIM in reality ALL the TIME, for HE has become their Life in the New Creation He has made them. i guess keeping others in the mentality of separation from GOD even while a New Creation is one of THE biggest deceptions of all, isn’t it? it is very sad and creates such an anemic view of what Jesus accomplished and what Christ IS to us, for us, in us, etc. sighhhhh …. :( the good news is that it IS a lie that there is still a separation between us and GOD! Christ fills the gap! there has been a death and a rebirth! there has been the Life of GOD put into man by HIS very Spirit!! there has been a MIRACLE! and a MIRACLE is what we are!  :) THAT is good news of encouragement and in Majestically Huge Proportion!!  :) thank you for drawing attention to this! :)

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