7 May 2011

The Excellence of Love

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In this week’s Shovel Audio Program entitled The Excellence Of Love, Jim and Adam discuss some of the meaning of the well known “love chapter” nestled in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. What does it mean that love is patient, love is kind and is not proud? Come join us on this week’s audio as we refresh ourselves with this wonderful reality The Excellence Of Love!

ShovelAudio: The Excellence of Love

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Fantastic listening to this tonight - lots of good stuff. I agree with, Adam. Jim, I could listen to this message all night :) Thanks. -Mike


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Thanks for your encouragement, Mikey!

Thanks so much. These sessions present well and are certainly mind blowing (other worldly). While listening I struggled with the reality of Christ in me. God’s love in me. And the failure in my day to day living to see that reality expressed fully. Your reminder that what we see is not the reality that God is producing in us is helpful. That seemed to become clearer to me towards the end where the suffering in this world was compared to the reality of what is to come. It is not clear to me the realtion between who we are in Christ and what we do in the world. I get it that my efforts to meet some ideal of perfection (keeping the law) leads to death and a false sense of accomplishment. Someone has said that many confess that it is no longer I who lives…Christ lives in me, but they never really understand that there is nothing more they must do. The flesh is dead and I keep trying to revive it. This is about the only place I can come and find encouragement to rest in Him. Thanks again.
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Thanks so much for your encouragement, Dudley. The relation between who you truly are in Christ and what you do in the world is simple: live as who you truly are. Don't worry about the fact that many will judge you one way or the other for the very same thing. Love is in you, it is your life. Be free in it. :)


Excellent encouragements here Jim! Adam

Jim, As you beautifully point out we are constantly looking at our material world for proof that we are living in the reality of Christ instead of realizing that it is an inside job and an invisible kingdom that we are now apart of!! As an aside, in my search for understanding what the ecclesia is since it is not the church on the corner. God seemed to open up the letter of 1 Corinthians to me. The ecclesia are all who have been called out of this world into His Kingdom Life Congregation. It is Christ in us that makes us the ecclesia and it is Him in us that ministers to each other. In other words, It is Christ in you that edifies me in Him and it is Christ in me that edifies you in Him. Paul was saying that the reason to fellowship with other believers was for the purpose of this edification! That’s why he said that speaking in tongues was the least gift because it edified others and ourselves the least. Prophecy was the best gift because it edified the ecclesia the most!! Then he goes onto say that there is a way that edifies even more than all the gifts and that is LOVE!!! Jesus said that the world would know that He was the true Son of God not because of the ecclesia’s doctrine, or lifestyles or religious practices but because of the way they loved each other!! Therefore, where two or maybe three are communicating this kind of life I am there Jesus said. Praise God! Jim and Adam that is what you are doing for all the ecclesia that hear your audio’s or read the articles or read the responses to those or are touched by someone who has heard your audio’s or read your articles. Jesus is edifying us through one another!!! Thanks again for hearing His heart! We are One in Christ, Dan Markley

Jim said, "I dare you to provoke me cause I'm ready with a comeback."
How often I find myself in my everyday thought life, while working, driving, etc...do I have a conversation with myself where I am arguing with someone and figuring out all kinds of "comebacks". Lately, I've been graced with the thought, "Nobody owes me anything.......case closed."

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This comes from a heart that is settled. :) Thanks


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