20 Jul 2011

Emotions (Jesus Wept)

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This week’s Audio is entitled “Emotions” (Jesus Wept). In this audio, Jim and Adam discuss what it means to feel and yet still remain holy in Christ. Can we STILL be acceptable to God even when we aren’t feeling it? We will discuss these things and more in this week’s Shovel Audio Program entitled, Emotions (Jesus Wept). Come and join us.

ShovelAudio: Emotions (Jesus Wept)

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Jim, you said, “Joy, the reality of it, is the Spirit, Himself, which is producing that deep sense of it.” Yes! I love it! Things that I’ve shared on the Shack around January/February of last year, i.e., circumstances, loved ones with minds/emotions/actions gone awry would have caused me to despair beyond life itself, had I not known this miraculous reality…and sensed it deeply in my Spirit. It was the very realness of it that kept me! I very much felt sadness and loss in the midst of that time, but always the joy was residing there, and it brought me through. The beautiful conclusion to this audio were Adam’s words “Hold fast to the grace of God, in every situation while you’re here in this world.” What a comfort. It completely warmed my heart!:)


"Christ in You, the Hope"

Mary thank you for your open heart! Love, ’ Adam
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Thanks so much for your words here, my dear Mary! That is indeed a wonderful conclusion, isn't it? :)

Love, Jim

i just got a chance to listen to this particular audio yesterday morning while i was working in the kitchen. it was so much fun to listen to you guyz! and so encouraging!  :) i too believe that emotions are neither bad nor good. i believe they are indeed expressers, reactors, responders, communicators, etc. we suffer so much agonizing discomfort from all the various fears we learn from the mind of the flesh, and can be so influenced by that reasoning. it is so refreshing to hear you guyz talk about how we have the mind of christ - the spirit of the living god, and we have no need to fear what the world fears in all its various religious superstitions, rules, laws, unrealistic expectations, etc. … fed and supported by the all too generous and persistent demands of and from the mind of the world that no longer has anything to do with us. (not sure i worded that very well) jesus christ himself is the fulfillment of the law of god …jesus christ himself who is our life. we have no need to try to keep the law, for it is fulfilled in us by the very life of christ himself. very encouraging to no longer have to fear emotions built into us for the very purpose in which they were designed … to express, react, respond and communicate accordingly. enjoyed this very much, along with everything else i have been able to listen to thus far.  :) looking forward to more! :)
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Thanks for your valuable words, my dear Sherri, for they encourage my heart and inspire me to continue on. :)


Great to hear your response Sherri! It’s an encouragement to us every week to do the show.

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