19 Aug 2013

Do Not Let Sin Reign

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Join us in this week’s Shovel-Audio as Jim reflects upon his lack of a dynamic testimony based upon his uncertainty as to when he was saved, and how that taught him more than he could have ever imagined regarding what it means to not let sin reign.

ShovelAudio: Regarding Choice: Do Not Let Sin Reign

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Sidebar: Titus, Epimenides, Cretans & Liars: the pure versus the defiled mind

Download: Titus, Epimenides, Cretans & Liars: the pure versus the defiled mind

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Again Jim and Adam, God brought you to the making of the audio, and He used it to give me a clarity of what it was He wanted me to see from it. First the experience: I went shopping for clothes in the early afternoon, and when I was done, the checkout counter had two cash registers side-by-side in the middle of it. There was one clerk helping another customer, so I paused at the other register. I saw a credit card swipe machine, and a pair of very nice expensive looking sunglasses next to it. It was obvious that someone had just set them down while they swiped their card and then forgot about them. I won't bother putting this delicately, I immediately lusted after them. This began the struggle, and I was surprised at how fiercely intense the struggle was. The rationale went something like....nobody was around to see me take them, so nobody would know they weren't mine.....when the clerk sees them, she'll just take them for herself.....whoever left them won't come back, etc. etc. At the same time, there was....but that's wrong, you should do the right thing. Then I found myself saying, okay father, who am I....and realized that wasn't a question, but a statement. It was then I saw the clerk was ready for me, so I picked up the glasses, walked over to the next register and handed them to her. After returning home, I listened to the video and read the notes, and this is what I saw. The struggle was about getting pulled back into the law of living by the right or the wrong thing to do, as opposed to living by the life and grace of Christ. Adam stated it so well when he said: the reality is that we are not choosing between good and evil but that we are walking in the realm of the “pure”. Yes!!! Father brought me back to this when I found myself focused on who I was, and it nullified all other considerations.

One more thing, (daddy was on a roll with me. Ha ha.) In telling my dear friend about this, He had her see and then tell me, or remind me, that the flesh never gets improved, and it will never quit trying to gain control, through subtlety and deception, (notice I said that " I "lusted after them) and though I have walked these many years with Him, and understand all that He has revealed to me, that does not replace my absolute need of dependence on Him every moment....... I will never rise above my need of Him.

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Beautiful! I so appreciate the telling of your story, and the insight brought in the midst of it. :)

Love, Jim

Umm„ excuse me but, this awesome to hear!






Julie, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. It's just a beautiful testimony of the real life that we now live.
- nergo

Jim, it was really fun to hear your testimony...we never have! What I 'heard' in the background were the fears and the doubts that 'wrestled' you, in the midst of a simple believing that had occurred long before! Adam's feedback so wonderfully expresses the Life of the Spirit's work within you, as opposed to a human effort that would make such things true! God, in His choosing to bring this about through the WORK of Christ! It is pure fellowship and joy to listen to you both!

Julie, A wonderful testimony! Thanks so much for sharing it!

P.S. I've been reading the Collapse Notes. Hey, I'm enjoying those too!:)

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Mary, I’m glad you enjoyed hearing some of my own story. I’ve got bits and pieces of my experiences all over the place, but definitely not as much as in this audio. I felt compelled to share it in the midst of the discussion Adam and I have been having.

Yeah, what I once considered a reason for doubt, I have come to realize as being a real life story that is full of God’s working. :)


Beautifully put, my friend!  As the title of one of the shovel audio puts it, “He teaches us through everything!”, and I am so glad for what He showed you and me through your experience.  Hugs……

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Charlotte, I am energized by your delightful encouragement. :)


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