27 Mar 2011

Confidence in the flesh

Submitted by theshovel
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This recording is a ‘Q&A’ style study on the passage in Philippians 3. Jim tackles the various fleshly teachings regarding ‘having confidence in the flesh’! The ending may surprise you! We pray that this will encourage you.

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Jim & Adam, This was so goood! Even though I came to understand Christ as my life for the first time in my Christian Life 16 years ago. I realized that I have been judging myself and condemning myself for not doing better than I am in this kind of relationship. I have been saying basically to myself, “If I was letting Christ be my life why am I not seeing people being saved as a result, why am I still so selfish, why do some people react instead of respond when I share Christ with them, how come we only have a couple of other families that meet with us in our home for fellowship and discovering more about this fellowship of life,etc.” As I was listening, I realized that I had fallen back into the trap of fleshly performance and thinking God had to do certain things that I have been putting onto God in order to feel good about myself and validate that I was doing right instead of just resting in Christ trusting that He was working in me to do His will and good pleasure in me and just enjoy Him! Thanks again for sharing your insight! One in Christ, Dan Markley
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Dan, I am excited to know of your encouragement in the faith, and I am glad to be a part of it. Please feel free to jump in as often as you'd like. :)


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