12 Jul 2011

Christ and My Job

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In this week’s Shovel Audio, Jim and Adam discuss what it means to see Christ, The Life in our employment. Are we to go along with the world and its form of morals and ethics or is there something real for us who have been joined to Him? We will go through this question, and much more, in this week’s audio entitled: “Christ and My Job” (Working As Unto The Lord)

ShovelAudio: Christ and My Job

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Folks, if you have not heard this audio (Christ and My Job) Please take the time to hear it. Adam and Jim do a superb job of revealing the true life of Christ in the believer (it’s right there ‘under your nose’). Many times I have complicated the Life of Christ in me when I need to simply Rest in His amazing love. Great leading statements and questions, Adam … love those examples/illustrations and simple truths, Jim. Thank you for another great Shovelaudio. Looking forward to the next one. Nergo

Nergo! Thanks for this great forward. You are an encouragement brother. Adam

I started working as a breakfast hostess in the breakfast room at the Amercinn during the summer (busy time) on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You would think it would be simple. When I first started, I thought that my motivation would be to ‘be enhance the positive reputation of the business that my son, Paul, manages, and had the illusion that everyone in the breakfast room is happy! Well, on the weekends he isn’t even there, and I’m in the midst of a conglomeration of people: from the “thoughtful appreciators ” to the “Nothing is good enough for me, and I going to point my finger at it and show you!”…sigh. I wanted to run this one lady out of town! I loved this Jim, “For Paul’s encouragement was to live according to the inward reality, because the inward reality IS THE ONLY reality that has anything to do with their real life.” Having released the motivation to do this job for ANYONE, this comment cut through the lingering ‘snags’…”I know the one who is pleased with me….which is GOD.” What a release! Love it, love it! And of course, much love to the both of you. Hearts and hugs:) Mary
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Hello Mary,

I am always thrilled to hear from you. :) As working in a customer service related business for most of my life, I definitely understand what you are going through. Good description of the wide range. Oh yeah, many folks seem to be waiting for nothing more than to find their next victim so as to unleash the pent-up rage within them. Some co-workers do the same, but of course they have to be more careful. It is indeed HIS life that is the real life within every situation.

Thanks my dear friend!

YES, I agree Nergo. Jim and Adam’s audios have been very uplifting; always keeping our focus where it should be-on Christ as our LIFE, who we can trust as our driving force. As contrary to what the religious world will tell us, it’s great to be reminded and rest in the fact that we no longer need that external motivation as we have Christ as our inward motivation. Thanks again Jim and Adam for making the time in encouraging us :)!!
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Hello Debi! :)

I am so glad to know that these audios are uplifting to you. Thanks for writing.


Jim, I sure do miss you and Sherry. I don’t know how but someone cut in on my race and I got side tracked into looking at my flesh. Instead of looking into Christ. Wow no wonder I am so tired and have a headache. I thought I was strong enough to clean myself up. oops. This was my first audio, I will have to figure out how to put them on my mp3 player so I can listen more. Good to hear your voice. Love, Nannette
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Hello, dear Nannette!

I am so glad to hear from you again! It thrills me in my inner being to know that you have been encouraged to recognize the deception of the fleshly mind that would have you disregard the life that is really yours ... Christ, himself! :)

I read this to Sherri. She was glad to hear it. :)

Love, Jim

“You can’t actually help God, serve God, without serving your brother…because it’s so tied in. It is so interconnected that it is all of a piece. […]for you to live according to life you need to know that when you go to work what you are living according to and who you are truly serving is God himself.” Love it! You mean there is no line between secular and spiritual work? Nope. “Whatever you do, do it as unto the Lord.” Why? Because if Christ is in you, everything you are doing is with the Lord, for the Lord, to the Lord. Just try and get away from him.
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Wow, that is beautiful! Thanks for posting this!

Jim :)

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