21 Oct 2014

Agreement in All Things

Submitted by theshovel
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Now I exhort you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be made complete in the same mind and in the same judgment. 1 Corinthians 1:10

Agreement in all things? Really? How are we supposed to come to a consensus? And why has the Christian church become more and more divided over the many attempts to find common ground?

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I LOVE the freedom I sense when we are speaking about Christ and Christ, alone….THAT agreement.  I tell you, alot of things over the years wanted to press me to 'agree' with this or that.  Alot of agreements cause alot of DISagreements and that causes pain, and judgements in many things!  However, I love the freedom 'in Christ' to partake of various foods, including those delicious, healthy ones, and those home-cooked ones!  I love that my life is not subject to the judgements of 'noone'  but by the only one RIGHTEOUS judgement found in Christ.  I find this a LIGHT way to live, and I love it!  Love to you both!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

Jim and Adam,

Thanks once again for so clearly articulating this truth of oneness in Christ. Christ is the only One who makes us united. He has made us one!! He is not going to make us one in the future but has already done it in the present. In fact He did it on the cross in our past, before we were even born physically.

You explained this truth of being of one accord and of one mind so beautifully. I wish every believer was aware of this truth. As you said, so many pastors get this wrong and teach others to believe falsely.

Jesus said that the world would know that He was truly the Son of God by how we love each other. That includes acceptance of one another and realizing that we are all the same in Christ Jesus. No one is greater or lesser in Christ!!
The challenge that comes to those walking in the flesh is their desiring to have something to cause them to think that they are special or more spiritual. Something they can look to or brag about other than Christ.
Yes, I would agree that most believers do not understand who they are as a result of their new creation.
In my everyday life the greatest hindrance to fellowship with other believers is their preoccupation with their church or denomination or various pet doctrines and we both lose out on our joy of being one together in a love relationship with each other.

I truly feel one with you as your focus and harmony with others is based on Christ rather than unity with lifestyles, religious rules and practices or certain doctrines that are agreed on. We can simply exclaim that Christ is the only Person who is worthy to be praised, adored, worshiped, appreciated, loved etc. and we have entered in to a holy, righteous, other centered love relationship with all who have received Christ.

May we all enjoy greater the reality that God has made in the man Christ Jesus!

Learning to enjoy Christ,


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Dan, thank you so much for this! I am overjoyed to hear another brother stand so strongly on the unity that all believers have already in Christ.


Dan it's so great to hear from you!

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