26 Mar 2013

Adultery and Hell

Submitted by theshovel
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Problems with porn or lust? Afraid of going to hell for it? Maybe you should gouge out your eye or cut off your hand! Then again, maybe you might want to reconsider what Jesus really meant and discover true freedom.

ShovelAudio: Adultery and Hell

(Audio Series: Men of Grace or Men of Law: The Sermon on the Mount)

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Side Discussion: Revealed to Infants

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New Testament: 


Jim, I have a question. Why, lately, have you been putting an emphasis on the law not being removed, but we removed from the law? (I mean I understand that we've been removed from the law and not the law from us, but it really doesn't seem like a big deal to me since either way the law has no more hold on us…Maybe I just don't understand yet.). Can you help me with this insight?

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Hello Justin,

Because it has everything to do with how we can still dwell in a world that is dominated by the Law and yet we ourselves are not. In dealing with the words of Jesus, who was born under the Law, so many are convinced that he was pushing a freedom that is still tied to the Law. These same people try to convince you and me that because we can still see it in effect that we are under it in some fashion. The very heart of our having died to the Law is found in how free we truly are despite the world that seems to prove we are not.

Jim :)

Amen Jim!

Another great audio, Jim and Adam. Thank you guys for sharing your heart. The self-righteousness of people, including myself, is appalling. The works of the flesh is so deceptive. Nergo
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Thank you, Nergo! :)


Truly amazing, thank you. You pointed out in raw realness so many things I didn't realize. hug

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