17 Aug 2011

Accept One Another

Submitted by theshovel
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Have you gone through life wondering if God accepts you? Do you sometimes have thoughts of condemnation, as well as a sense of rejection from God? What is it to accept another according to Christ? Come join us as we discuss the admonishment to “Accept One Another”.

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You men are wonderful!!! I know I probably “should” say, the Lord is wonderful for giving you the wisdom He evidently has. Yes, the Lord is wonderful but I am talking to you about what you’ve said. When I compliment another Christian on a song they’ve song, they often will say, it’s the Lord or thank the Lord. Can’t we as Christians just simply say thank you? One morning as I got out of bed, not too long after I wrote to you about possibly being a reprobate, I thought, I have to live forgiven!! Even deciding this helped me. Then yesterday I was at a second hand shop (I love those!) and I found a book called “Grace Rules” by Steve McVey. I’ve only read the first couple of pages and it’s already been a big help. Pardon me but this is so good, I want to tell you a little bit of what I’ve read. The first chapter begins with a bang! lol That’s not true. lol It says something like, Jesus wakes up and thinks, what can I do that will please the Father today? I know, I’ll heal some people, surely the Father will be pleased when I do that. I’ll find a funeral service and raise someone from the dead. Father will be thrilled when He sees me take on this ministry project. Then the author asks what our thoughts are on the senerio describing how Jesus might have begun a new day. Then he says, “If it sounds pretty good to you, I implore you, don’t put down this book until you have finished reading it”. He goes on to say he has described this scene toungue in cheek. “Nobody would imagine Jesus living His life in such a way. Jesus trying to score brownie points with His Father? There’s no way.” Steve McVey was a pastor for 20 years and was dedicated to serving Jesus. He says, “Serving Jesus was gratifying, but I wouldn’t call it satisfying because I always felt a need to do more”. I didn’t open up this spoonful message till a little while ago. Actually I haven’t listened to the entire message yet, but I will. I’ve put an awful lot of pressure on myself through the years to be what I THOUGHT the Lord wanted me to be. On top of that, others have wanted me to be what they wanted me to be. It hasn’t been easy, but I’d live it all again in order to know Him…and HIS GRACE as I do now. Thank you so very much, from my heart. Darlene
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Hello Darlene!

I accept your gratitude as given from the heart. I think we too often stumble over ourselves in the attempt to make our words sound more spiritual. A simple thank you does not detract from the one who gives all grace. :) It is my absolute joy to be a part of your life in this way. I'm sure Adam will also agree.

Love, Jim

You are right I DO AGREE! Thanks for sharing this Darlene! Adam

Don’t forget to listen to the disclaimers mumbled under the breath when the world invites you to the table of it’s acceptance!

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