10 Oct 2013

With my words (Ephesians 1:17)

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With my words, yes, I may teach you
And with my song, your heart prepare
But words and music cannot fulfill you
So with this prayer, I’ll leave you there

That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ
May give to you the spirit of wisdom
And revelation in the knowledge of Him

Words and Music by Jim Minker, 1979
Performed by Caelus 1980 (J.Minker, D.Drummond, M.Lautenschlager,P.Lutes)



Another winner with me Jim. It moved me to realize again that in all our sincere endeavors to tell someone about Christ, man cannot finally fulfill man. Everything, and everyone is only fulfilled by the person of Jesus Christ HIMSELF. Even the words of life that He speaks through us are meant to draw them to HIMSELF ALONE!!! Truly, there is no life except knowing that CHRIST IS LIFE....... THE TOTALITY OF IT!!!

Thanks again for posting the song........ Julie

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