15 Sep 2012

Softly the Shadows

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Softly the Shadows

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Softly the shadows fold into night
Draining the dregs of the fast fading light
Gently the darkness flows all around
Evening’s upon us, day’s gone to ground

Until the night all alone comes with a light all its own
Rising over the sleeping city
It scatters millions of stars, notes from Spanish guitars
Ringing sharply across the velvet sky

Upon the dying of day, the shadows come out to play
Weaving threads into night’s soft blanket
And then a shower of sparks spinning out of the dark
Across the water moonlight comes dancing down

Music & lyrics by Jim Minker and Dave Drummond (circa 1992)



AWESOME!!  spin     LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  thumbs up


Dear Jim,

Begging your pardon, monseigneur; that last line should read:

Across the water moonlight comes dancing down.

Love and Skittles,

Mr. Picky crazy

...or words to that effect,

David Drummond

theshovel's picture

Corrected, my friend! :)

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