23 Jun 2012

Newness of Life

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Newness of Life

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Oh, you’ll try to be like Jesus ‘cause you’ve heard it should be that way
You can try to change your behavior, but you should know,
it’s not God’s way

His thoughts are higher, much higher than ours
His way are greater, they’re past finding out

Yes, you’ll try to be a better Christian, but don’t you know there’s no such thing
For what God has made needs no improvement.
You need to relearn Christianity

We died with Jesus, we’re dead unto sin
We died with Jesus, we’ve risen with Him
We left that old man hanging on the tree
When Christ was raised up from the dead, he raised us up with Him
So we could walk in newness of life

words and music by Jim Minker 1979 & 1984



Hey what a cool song! He he he..had I had a chance to hear this back in 1984 I might not have embraced it. No, wasn’t until about 1989 that I would have began to really been open to something like this. Maybe even say 1992. It took me a while to figure just what the heck was going wrong in me.
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I'm glad that you are able to embrace it now, my friend. :)

I actually wrote the song in 1979, but I changed the words of one line somewhere around 1984. I've heard numerous people criticize changing the words of a song after it's been written, as if it's somehow sacrosanct to do so, but I wasn't about to keep a line that would lead people into frustration.

The current line is: When Christ was raised up from the dead, he raised us up with him so we could walk in newness of life.

The original line was: Until you come to count upon the fact that this is true, you cannot walk in newness of life.

At the time, I had been influenced by a premise put forth by some grace teachers who heavily emphasized the "reckoning" as found in Romans 6 in such a way as to create a formula that claims until believers came to count upon the fact that our death, burial, and resurrection with him was true, we could not walk in newness of life. I mean, it sounds pretty good when viewed doctrinally, but I didn't realize until later how this totally clashed with the reality of it all being true simply because Christ had done it.

There was another line that could have used some tweaking, but it really wasn't that big of a deal. Anyhow, I know you didn't ask for all that, but your comment triggered the memory. :)

It seems that we will do just about anything to get that personal responsibility idea into what God has done for us through the Resurrection of Christ. Iv’e even noticed that the more we read in the letters of Paul about the details of it all[what Christ has done] the more seeming mistranslation seems to show up right about in the same area.

thanks… very interesting

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But the "gospel" we have heard so many times in this world needs no miracle, it doesn't really even need Christ for that matter because it is established after the pattern of the world's logic, motivations, and ideologies source