29 May 2013

The Maker of Your Heart

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The flame went out so slowly, you can’t remember it was ever on
Can’t see down in the darkness, you only know that something’s wrong

So sure that no one hears you, so certain no one gives a damn
No bridges left behind you … you’re sinking down into the sand

Your heart’s become a fortress, but it doesn’t stop the pain
Every wall that you build higher only drives you more insane

Have you reached the place where nothing can get in?
Has the world you built around you become cold and thin?

When you’re at the end and your hope has died
There’s no hanging on, you’ve given up and cried
There is One who knows, there is One who sees
There is One who picks you up when you’ve fallen on your knees

The Maker of your eyes can see. The Maker of your ears can hear
The Maker of your heart can feel what you’re going through

written and copyright by Jim Minker, 1986/1996



Love it, so far my favourite

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