18 Mar 2013

I Don't Belong

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I Don’t Belong

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My feet can’t settle in this place, the ground keeps shifting with each step
Fatal sinkholes leave no trace, desire to catch me in their trap
My eyes grow tired from the strain, for what I see, I can’t believe
My ears grow weary once again, the things they hear seek to deceive

Though I see that many walk as if this was their home … I don’t belong

Don’t wanna be here any more, don’t wanna leave before my time
Which do I choose, which am I for? The conflict grows within my mind
Born from outside of this earth, I walk this alien terrain
When I forget my place of birth … I’m temporarily insane

Though I see that many walk as if this was their home … I don’t belong

written and copyright by Jim Minker, 9/96

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Bravo, bravo!


Love you brother,



I so identify with this song Jim, it deeply stirs my heart. You expressed it as “I don’t belong”, ……Oh so true!!! …. I expressed it in a poem I wrote years ago called “in a foreign land”. I understand the conflict of “I don’t wanna be here anymore, I don’t wanna leave before my time”. I expressed it, “the waiting seems so long as we stand ready to go, for it is to the longing heart that he sometimes seems so slow”. Julie
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Thanks for this, my dear Julie! :)


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