4 Oct 2013

God's Alive (on Foggy Nights)

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This song was written one evening at a Christian Youth Retreat in Boca Raton, Florida in 1973 while we were hanging out playing some songs on a raised platform. The fog started creeping up so that it covered most of the ground around us and slowly moved up into the surrounding trees. The sight was amazing, and the sense of God’s presence moved us to create this song. I was strumming the chords while my friend, Dave started coming up with some words and a tune. We recorded it in 1980 with my acoustic band, Caelus, in a small studio in south Florida.

Empty night and starlight
Tall, dark woods around
Cold, deep peace is in the air
And in my heart a sound

Fog creeps in through lantern light
Shadows of the trees
Are obscured by misty white
And all around is peace

God’s alive on foggy nights
God is in the air
Hear his song in the moonlight
Feel him everywhere

Hazy, yellow autumn moon
Shining in the sky
The crickets and the night owl make
A misty lullaby

God’s alive on foggy nights
Bright as stars above
Like the thick fog blanketing
The whole world with his love

God’s alive on foggy nights
God is in the air
Hear his song in the moonlight
Feel him everywhere

Music and lyrics by Jim Minker & David Drummond May 13, 1973
Performed by Caelus 1980 (J.Minker, D.Drummond, M.Lautenschlager,P.Lutes)



Jim, I just got done listening to this song over and over again, and each time it never failed to pull me into the reality of God truly being alive and how He is seen in everything by the eyes that share His life with Him. I could picture the truly amazing sight and presence that you experienced to have you spontaneously write such beautiful words.

Thank you for sharing.......... Julie

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It was always one of our favorites and one of the more requested tunes. I’m rejoicing that it reproduced the same sense of his presence! :)


my thoughts on the title “God's alive on foggy nights.” it's like, even though the mind may fog up from time to time, God's reality is still within us. No matter what.

amen to that!

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