14 Dec 2014

The Lord Looks Upon the Heart

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Can we learn to judge by the heart rather than by outward appearance? How do we keep from evaluating people by conditional standards? Thoughts on the prodigal son versus the self-righteous son.

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Jim’s voice is really weird … did he have a stroke? I’ve talked about it numerous times in the group, but one of the guys brought it up after his sister asked him about it, and so I talked a bit more on it. Check it out if you’ve been wondering what’s going on.

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A short commentary on Bill Murray’s famous “I need! I need!” segment from What About Bob?

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This is by far, one of my favorites!  I can't believe how much judging there is, and how much it cuts you to the quick!  I think you brought this teaching out in a very clarifying way!  My heart leaps when I hear, “It's Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.  EVERYTHING revolves around that.”   My heart rejoices in that! smiley


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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