18 Nov 2014

If the Light in You is Darkness

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This week’s discussion kicked off with a question about the meaning of Jesus’ statement in Matthew 6:22-23 where he told the people that if the light within them was darkness, that darkness was very great. Yeah, it may not sound very encouraging or gracious for Jesus to have said that, but then again, we may just be listening to statements like this according to the perception we learned in this world. From there, I move on with thoughts regarding blindness and seeing, judgment of God versus judgment of man, perception and illusion, and circumcision of the heart versus circumcision of the flesh. Join us!

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I LOVED THIS!  I loved the connection made about circumcision, and it was really 'circular'' in my thinking how it fit together.  Yeah! 

This was wonderful, Jim!  And whose mind are you speaking from?smiley  The Mind of Christ, but of course!

Loved the reference to politics - the Matrix. Yes! Stay out of it!  We are not of the world or of 'its” mind anyway!  

Am so thankful that He affirms that I have been made Holy, Blameless and Righteous - yes!  That's the Mind of Christ! 


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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