9 Jan 2015

The Image of God

Submitted by theshovel
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What if having been made in the image of God has given us more insight into the relationship between the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit than any doctrinal formula, diagram, illustration, or teaching could ever reveal? Hang onto your hats because this audio could bless you silly! :)

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Sidebar Discussion: The Trinity

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I sat here listening to this tonight seeing the connection, of course I love union! smiley The imagery of ourselves dieing WITH Him and being raised WITH Him, and how can we not see that the New Creation, the image of God, is a refection of ourselves in union with His.

This was a beautiful audio, Jim!  Thank you so much, I rejoice with you as part of the New Creation in Him!


"Christ in You, the Hope"

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Mary, I am so encouraged to hear your testimony of God’s life within you.


I listened to it twice :)


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One for each ear?  wink  Really, I'm glad it meant that much to you.


Well, I tend to space out on a regulare basis - and your audios are packed with great insights smiley


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