22 Oct 2014

Shovel Audio Program

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JimAdamWelcome to the growing collection of audio files that are part of the Shovel Audio Program. Begun in March of 2011, Dominic Adam Harte and I began hooking up via Skype once each week to create interview-style question and answer sessions. Since that time, we have ventured into many different topics and Bible passages to bring you the message of life and freedom in Christ. We desire to encourage and strengthen your hearts and minds with the good news as it touches on your every day lives. Both of us will appreciate any feedback you might want to offer. :)

Recent schedule changes on my end have interfered with our ability to hook up for our weekly recordings, but we are still continuing on as we can.

Jim & Adam (Colorado, 2014)
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How can you realize the freedom you have in Christ? I say that you will discover it, more times than not, in the midst of the bondage that still seems to hold you down. You see, the power of the gospel is not found merely in the words of its testimony of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is found in the reality that has been brought about because of who he is and what he has done. That reality is that Christ is in you. He is there, and his life witnesses from within you … despite all the doubts that you think actually come from within you. source