4 Jun 2013


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This is something that had developed during the Shovel Audio program in our sub-series on The Sermon on the Mount, and I am adding it in here to make it available to you, as well as to remind me to continue it. Anyhow, this is my contextual version of Matthew 5:17-32

Those who would convince you that I have come to abolish the Law and the Prophets, they are the ones who have been actively working to undo it. Just like their fathers, they carry on traditions designed to get around the laws they tell you to keep. They have told you how your forefathers received the Law through Moses, and that they were specifically told “You shall not commit murder.” Of course, they also made sure to tell you how the murderer would have to stand before the court to account for his crime. But I tell you that these men who continue to walk in the ways of their fathers will hold you accountable for being angry with your brother. And the same ones who approve of the evil deeds of their fathers will make you stand before their highest court simply for calling your brother a good-for-nothing. Moreover, the very ones who will stop at nothing to keep their exalted positions will condemn you and have your bodies thrown into the fire pits of Gehenna just because you called someone a fool. And so I tell you that if your conscience is stirred while you are waiting to present your offering before the altar and you remember that your brother has enough evidence to haul you before the court, leave your offering at the altar and immediately go and patch things up with your brother. Then you can come back and present your offering. God may be patient, but you know that men are not. If you are being taken to court, settle things quickly before the matter is presented before the judge, because once the judge hands you over to the officer and you are thrown into prison, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.

From the same men who work so hard at getting around the Law, you have heard that it was said, “You shall not commit adultery,” but I’m telling you that everyone — including any of your respectable teachers — who simply looks at a woman with lust for her has already done the deed with her in his heart. Therefore, those of you who subscribe to the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees should take the logical course of action. For if you are committing adultery with your right eye, you should rip it out of its socket and throw it away from you; for it would be better to lose only a part of your body, than for you to eventually carry out the lustful desires of your heart causing you to fall into their judgment through which your whole body is cast into the fire pits of Gehenna. And if you are committing adultery with your right hand, you should cut it off and thrown it away; for again, it would be better for you to lose only a part of your body, than for you to follow up on the lustful desires of your hand so that your whole body ends up in the fire pits of Gehenna. Furthermore, to those who claim to be clean regarding the law of adultery based upon the Scripture, “Whoever sends his wife away, let him give her a certificate of divorce,” I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife forces her into committing adultery … unless, of course, the reason she was put away was that she was unfaithful. And then, legally, you who have kept yourselves sexually pure but then marry a divorced woman also commit adultery.

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