19 Aug 1999

James 3: The Source

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My friends, in view of illusions so easily created by words, I recommend that you seriously consider your desire to become teachers. Don't you realize the intense scrutiny it puts you under? For we all mess up in many ways, but in order not to mess up in what you say you would have to be perfect, able to control every other part of the body. That's the way it is with bridling a horse; the bit goes in the mouth and you can turn the whole thing. Ships also have huge and powerful engines, but it's a relatively small rudder by which the pilot steers it in the direction he desires. And the tongue is no different. It's a small part of the body, but it makes huge, unsupported CLAIMS. Learn the lesson of 'Smokey, the bear': it only takes a spark to get a massive forest fire going. And the tongue is a flame thrower, for it speaks from the realm of sin. It is positioned in the body in such a way that it adversely affects everything. For the whole body follows along on the path created by its unfounded claims, which come from the source of evil.

In the realm of nature, man has learned to control every kind of creature he has discovered, but has not managed to tame the tongue – it is uncontrollable and full of poison. But you'll keep trying anyway. We use the tongue to say wonderful things about the Lord and Father, and then with the same tongue abuse those who were created in His image. Cursing and blessing from the same mouth? My friends, there is something wrong with this picture. Do you get both pure and contaminated water from the same source? Can an orange tree yield a crop of apples, or a tomato vine produce lettuce? No way. And you won't siphon water out of the ocean thinking that maybe you'll get a fresh drink, either. It's time to rethink this whole thing.

Those of you who have been given insight and understanding: don't get duped by the illusion that what you say can PROVE the reality within you. Instead, wisdom calls you to let your motivation speak for itself by the outworking of His goodness. But if the wisdom within you is bitter, unfulfilled desire and selfish ambition don't make claims of having His life, for it is a lie against the truth. This wisdom does not have its source in the God who is outside this realm, but is tied to the earth, to the natural, to the demonic. For the source of unfulfilled desire and selfish ambition is filled with instability and every evil. But the wisdom that comes from the source outside of the natural is, above all else, untouched by contaminants, then harmonious, considerate, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, without pretense. And this fruit of righteousness is sown accordingly by those who have been made compatible with it.

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