1 Aug 1999

1 John 5: Assurance

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Trash your preconceived notions based upon self-endorsing claims. Don't you see that just because a person may TALK about faith in God it doesn't necessarily mean that he/she believes in God? When the smoke clears it becomes obvious that faith is not made of the words that speak of it, but of the reality that is spoken of. Those who have that gut-level faith that Jesus is the one and only promised deliverer who came in the flesh are born of God. And whoever actually loves the Father loves the offspring of the Father. This connection is so vital that you can KNOW that you love God's children from the love you have for the Father. And that's not all. For when assurance replaces that running-commentary of condemnation in your head, the fact that you really do keep the commands of God is a testimony to your love for those born of the Father. For this is the love of God in us: OUR keeping of HIS commandments.

Lest you confuse His commandments with difficult duties that we learned to dread, think again. Having been born of God has removed us from the bondage of the performance-based life of those in the world. He not only took us out of it, but He made us victorious over it. How so? Through faith, we do what the world, with all its resources, cannot. And if overcoming the world is a reality in those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then it is certainly not found in trying to keep a difficult command.

Who is this anointed one of God - this Jesus - who has caused us to be victorious? He is the one who came not only by the life-blood of the Spirit, but also by the life-blood of man. And the Spirit, who is the truth, testifies to His identity. For there are three witnesses of His identity - the Spirit, the life-blood of the Spirit, and the life-blood of man - and they converge in a unified voice of agreement in only one place: Jesus Christ. We have heard men and their testimonies; we have also heard the far superior voice of God. And what did we hear Him say? “This is my beloved Son in whom I'm well pleased. “. The one who believes in God's Son has this testimony within him, and so agrees as to the identity of the Son; the one who does not believe God's claim about the Son makes Him out to be a liar by the testimonies he speaks to you. This is because he has not believed what God testified about His Son. Do you hear the witness? It has been spoken to us; for in giving us His Son He has given us the eternal life that is in the Son. He who has the Son has the life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have the life.

I write to you as those who DO believe the witness concerning the Son of God - that He is what His name claims. I write because many desire to steal the CONFIDENCE you have in Him. Know this: you DO have eternal life - which is the true knowledge of God. Let me tell you of our confidence we had before God. For in making us sharers of His life we were also made sharers of His desires; and as sharers of His desires He HEARD us in anything we asked. KNOWING He heard us in whatever we asked we ALSO knew that we had ALREADY been given whatever it was we asked of Him. This same assurance belongs to you.

So, in this confidence, what do you ask when you see your brothers sinning? Those who are born of God have passed from death into life - their sins are not unto death - ask life, and God will give it for those who are trapped in the deception. There is no confidence in asking for brothers (like Cain), who remain in death and sin toward death; I was not suggesting it. Now, if ALL unrighteousness is sin, how can there be sin not to death? The perspective of our confidence is the true identity of those born of God - for they DO NOT SIN. But the reality is that HE who was born of God KEEPS those born of God untouched from the evil one and his deeds.

The assurance WE knew that I want to pass on to you is this: YOU are of God, while the whole world exists in the evil one. You have been given the knowledge that the Son of God has come - He has put this understanding within you - so that you DO know Him who is true. It also teaches you that you are IN the true one, His Son Jesus, the promised One. No matter what anyone else tells you, THIS is the true God, and eternal life. My little children, be on your guard against all those false concepts which attempt to replace this life.

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