1 Aug 1999

1 John 4: Loved

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Loved ones, don't accept every appearance of reality created by someone's words. What I'm asking of you is to look behind the mask to see if that spirit is really of God. Are you not aware that there are MANY false prophets out there? Don't be distracted by how well the words are crafted, listen past the words for the life of God in what is being said. I'm not suggesting that you expect some kind of magical radar-scanner thing to happen, as it's not that complicated. Those who are born of God have the knowledge of the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, within them - it is their birthright. They are the ONLY ones who can truly agree and, therefore, speak of the reality of the joining of the Creator and the human creation in the person of Jesus Christ. Those who are NOT of God do NOT know who Jesus really is and can only QUOTE or PHRASE the words that seem to buy their acceptance among those they want to deceive. Listen for it, for this is the spirit that HATES Christ. You've heard about the coming of this spirit - the antichrist - but are you not aware that it is ALREADY here?

YOU ARE FROM GOD and you are already victorious over these God-less spirits, for the One who is in you is greater than this spirit that is now in this world. THEY ARE FROM THE WORLD and they can only speak from that source; and they understand each other. WE ARE FROM GOD; those who know God understand us, and they receive the truth we speak. Those who are not of God CANNOT receive what we say. It is the simple reception factor by which we can distinguish the spirit of truth from the spirit of deceit.

You, who are loved, concern yourselves with loving one another because LOVE, and NOT empty words, is what comes from God. Realize this: those who have love in them are the ones who are born of God, and they also KNOW God. Those who don't have this miraculous love in them don't know God for the simple reason that GOD is love. How is it that WE got the love of God in US, though it is not in the world? This is the thing that happened when God sent the only Son He fathered into the world, so that through the Son we would also live. This is where love is found, and it's NOT that WE loved God, but that HE loved US. Stop talking about YOUR love, for God initiated love in sending His Son to sacrifice Himself on account of our sins that separated us from Him.

Don't you see how loved you are? Now, if God loved us in this manner, there should be no question as to where love comes from, nor whether this love was given for us to love one another. For if no one in this world has ever seen or known God, yet we love one another, IT IS A MIRACLE that is only made possible because GOD LIVES IN US. And it's not partial or inferior, because He has PERFECTED this love in us. And the reason we KNOW that we live in God and that God lives in us is because He has put His Spirit within us. And we have SEEN and we testify to this reality that the Father has sent His Son to be the rescuer of this world that has no love within it. So, that those who, from within, speak forth this agreement that Jesus is, in fact, the one who is born of God - God is within this person and this person is within God.

As to this love that comes from God, we have miraculously come to know it, and have found ourselves to have believed that He has loved us. God is love, which means that those who live in love live in God and God lives in them. By this miraculous union with God, He has perfected love within us, so that when we are called into judgment we can stand in confidence. For this is what we have come to know and to declare to you that as Jesus Christ is, so also are we in this world. There is no fear AT ALL in the love that comes from God. But this perfect love casts out fear since fear involves punishment, which has been taken from us. But the one who truly stands in fear due to the impending judgment that is coming upon him is not perfected in love.

The cause behind our being able to love is that God initiated love toward us. If someone mouths the words, “I love God”, and yet he hates his brother, he is a liar. For it is only an illusion that a person can love an invisible God while he hates a visible brother. For this is the impact of the word He spoke to us that those who love God would also love their brother.

New Testament: 


 I don't know just how many times I have made excuses for those who do have love and yet in order for my little world to be protected I have often framed the interactions with those who clearly don't have love[or are in direct denial of life in Christ] as something more palatable, more safe. But WHY do I need to do that? What if in seeing that there are those who have no hope in Christ and are pretending, I can see such a rich treasure in the reality of my own salvation? What if I can also see the real reality in sharing the love of God with those who need to be on their own to destroy themselves maybe for a time?    Could this be at the heart of Paul's instruction regarding the "wild" person highlighted by Paul in the Corinthian church? I think so.

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