1 Jan 2004

Why keep link to universalist site?

Submitted by theshovel
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Why keep link to site that preaches universal salvation?

Now, in asking how you could have any freedom with universal salvation, I would also have to ask how you could have any freedom with the host of other viewpoints that are often included in most of the so-called grace teachings I have seen. You see, it's not that I think this present leaning is the source of the freedom they preach, but that the freedom they preach has remained, and even increased, by the fact that many former constraints have fallen away in the process. Actually, I had considered a few times in the past removing their link from my site after reading one or more of their articles that seemed to smack of that contemporary grace-formula approach to life ... rather than of true life itself.

The fact that many have pulled their support is immaterial, and if we are to judge according to that basis we would also have to pull our support from Christ himself, don't you think? Actually, the lack of support leaves one to find his support in something else. The options are simple: find your support in Christ only ... or else rebuild another support group. And yes, I'm aware this could easily happen, as I have seen many jump on board the latest bandwagon (latest, at least, to themselves) demanding it to be the very definition of "gospel" so that their "good news" becomes centered around their new leaning, and not really on Christ ... even though the name might be often interjected.

And regarding the loss of support, perhaps those who pull theirs do so mostly from the conflict created by the clashing of viewpoints rather than true life and freedom in Christ. And just possibly this is the very same reason that some who lose their former support feel compelled to evangelize their viewpoint. After all, it is incredibly easy to unify under a teaching, especially when those who support it are engaged in promoting it over the former teaching(s).

Now, should this site's viewpoint result in the establishment of contention on their part - and I don't mean another's contention against their view - rather than in the determination to see all things according to Christ, then I would seriously consider removing their link. I would definitely want to be informed of such a trend.

Love, Jim

As a note, I no longer have a link to that site because it is not longer there.

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