1 Jan 2001

What about the redemption of the world?

Submitted by theshovel
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Thanks for writing!

Though I love a lot of what I've heard from this person, I don't agree with some of his views on "everyone in the world being redeemed". He has made some assumptions from Romans 5 and 2 Corinthians 5 to suggest that the "all in Adam" become the "all in Christ", and yet the fact is that nothing from Adam passes into Christ, but instead was all killed through the death of Christ. The fact is that since all were put to death through Christ then anyone who is in Christ is a new creation. Paul's point was never intended to convince us that Christ is in every man, but that we would know that all is dead outside Him ... and that, therefore, we no longer have any basis upon which to view people after the flesh, because God doesn't count men's sins against them. Dead is dead, alive is alive.

Yes, as you say, there are many references made by Paul that contradict that viewpoint.

Jim Minker

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Jim, When Paul talks about the ‘all died’ of the world is he also including the world that is NOT alive?[as in Romans] Sometimes I get a bit mixed up with the world being ‘dead to god’. For I always assumed that was defined as those without the spirit being ‘dead’ because of the fact that they just did not have life?[were not also raised] Is the ‘all died’ Paul refers to a death that also included those WITHOUT the Spirit? Is that the death that is always mentioned by the writers of the new testament letters? If we were ‘dead in our tresspasses and sins’ while we yet still in the flesh, were we ‘dead’; because of what Christ DID? Or was this death just about being born this way since way back when all the way back to the time of Adam? If the old man was ‘killed’ when Christ was punished for sins, was he [it] only dead just then?[by the crucifixion?] Or was he already dead and Christ just kicked the carcass around a bit? I wondered if you could send me in the right direction here as I plan to slowly look for some clarity in the scriptures.

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