1 Jan 2002


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You seem to hold an annihilationist view towards the unsaved?

The operative word here is "seem". :) I used to be so worried about trying to figure out what's going to happen to the unsaved, but the more I consider this I see all in relation to the new vs. the old. There's an awful lot of speculation put forth as fact using certain portions of scripture, but the same scripture also defies our facts.

Interestingly, the word unsaved isn't even found in the Bible. We have somehow projected the idea that God still has to do something about the old creation other than what has been done by it having been destroyed in Christ. The world that is passing away appears to be our defining reality and even though we may talk about our new identity we still think in terms of the memory of the fleshly perspectives. I realize this may sound confusing but it's the simplicity of the death of the old and the resurrection of the new from out of the old in the person of Christ.

The reconciliation of all things is not about God changing old life into new life, but in killing the old and making all things new in Christ. How many things will pan out I won't speculate on for I don't see any worth in it.

Jim Minker :)

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